Yorkshire Plumbing Apprenticeships

Yorkshire Plumbing Apprenticeships


Join a work based learning programme offering experience, training, qualifications and a salary!

We’ve been running our apprenticeship programme for a few years now and have lots of success stories. Our apprentices have helped us look at the way we do things in a different light. We have helped them to develop, and to realise their full potential.

Many apprentices now have full time roles here or at other companies. Some have moved into further education.

We offer a range of apprenticeships including:


Customer Services
Business Administration
Care and Support
Construction Maintenance
Information Technology
When we consider what a good Yorkshire plumbing apprenticeship should be, we can deduce that it should be an apprenticeship scheme that would combine good practical onsite training and a recognised college learning programme.

The plumbing apprenticeship would normally last for up to four years but in some instances the duration can be lower, often two years is possible when extra plumbing experience is gained; this is based on the practical plumbing experience gained through working.

Yorkshire plumbing apprentices will often be working within a framework of employment where the practical training will be gained from several and not one plumbing company specialised in the plumbing trade or business.

Trainee plumbers will have to recognise that working for one company throughout their apprenticeship is often not viable in today’s plumbing market. The Yorkshire plumbing apprentice will often be a spending time finding varying companies to work within to complete the apprenticeship scheme.

The lucky ones who find full time employment will be paid a minimum of around £100 per week (current at time of writing), many earning much more than this.
The Yorkshire plumbing apprentice will be expected to gain a nationally recognised qualification where they gain the academic plumbing skills and practical skills needed to work within the plumbing industry and hold down a proper plumbing job. Sometimes this might be within the NVQ scheme; Plumbing NVQ 1, Plumbing NVQ2, Plumbing NVQ3. Others would include the City and Guilds Plumbing Courses schemes.

Although the basic concept of earning whilst you learn within a Yorkshire plumbing company is the ideal situation, times and economic factors have changed the way many plumbing apprentices enter the industry.

In Yorkshire especially, the situation has been sometimes quite tough and there has been reports of many plumbing training companies offering very expensive plumbing training with promises of a job at the end of it.

Research has now shown that very few plumbing training courses in Yorkshire can offer these trainees jobs at the end of their courses and the ones that do are often more concerned about receiving a fee for very poor plumbing training than providing the eager plumbing apprentice with a valid and useful course that will further their career.

So, Yorkshire plumbing apprenticeships are difficult to find, but are still available if you do the hard work and look around. Be careful who you sign up with if you do decide to pay for your training because some companies offering plumbing training are not what they seem. Ask to speak to people who have already completed the course before you part with any money.

Plumbing work is a great way to earn a good living and plumbers will always be needed within the whole of the UK and your local area of Yorkshire.

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