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Plumbing supplies and sourcing plumbing supplies is one of the most commonly asked questions by the new self employed plumber. There are many plumbers merchants to choose from and the quick answer to the plumbing supplies question is shop around.

There is a huge difference sometimes between buying your plumbing supplies form a recognised plumbers merchant and your local DIY superstore. When you build a strong relationship with a preferred plumbing supplies company you will reap huge benefits.

Firstly, you will receive customer loyalty points and reduced prices for all of your plumbing supplies.

But, that’s not all, your supplier will bend over backwards to provide you with comprehensive quotations and availability for all normal plumbing supplies and even those more obscure and difficult to find items too.

Getting a reliable provider for your plumbing supplies is essential for the day to day running of your business. Daily, you will be requiring a selection of different materials.

Another big factor when deciding who to use for your plumbing supplies is this; you might need to take more than you need and return the unused items at a later date. All good plumbers’ merchants will allow you to do this when you build up a good working relationship.

Some large national companies are very good, but look closely in your own area for a plumbing supplies specialist.

These smaller companies can not only compete on price but often better the service as well.
Here are a few companies to look out for.

Graham Plumbing

City Plumbing

Plumb Centre

Travis Perkins


James Hargreaves



Try to negotiate preferential terms for yourself when opening an account with your chosen plumbing supplies professional.

They will often match any price you have seen to keep your business. On occasions you may need to use one of the large superstores like Wickes or B&Q, but this is often in an emergency and when your supplier is closed.

Most specialist suppliers tend to open office hours only so bear that in mind.

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