Plumbing NVQ 1

Plumbing NVQ Course Level 1

IMPORTANT – depending on your circumstances you may well qualify to be able to take your NVQ level 1 plumbing course FREE!

This ‘entry level’ NVQ plumbing course will equip the successful candidate with the basic knowledge required for them to find a trainee or junior position in employment, a necessity for anyone wishing to pursue a NVQ Level 2 or 3 plumbing course.

The Plumbing Course NVQ Level 1 course will normally take about four months, with the student attending for 2-3 hours each week.

During the course you will learn many basic aspects of domestic plumbing: layout and installation, hot and cold water systems, pipe bending, pipe jointing, sanitary plumbing (toilets and waste) and heating. The course will also teach you the principles of energy efficiency and health and safety in the workplace.


Having successfully completed the Plumbing Course NVQ Level 1, you will be familiar with basic health and safety regulations and be equipped with the necessary knowledge and competence to:

lay out, assemble and fabricate a basic piping system
maintain and repair a basic piping system
install or ‘plumb in’ household appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine
unblock pipework and drains
install, repair and maintain a roof rainwater system
work with plastic piping – there are particular things to consider when joining plastic piping to an existing drain system
Don’t forget – depending on your circumstances you may well qualify to be able to take your NVQ level 1 plumbing course free!

Plumbing Courses – NVQ Level 1 – Basic Plumbing Certificate
Course Aim

Plumbing NVQ level 1 is for students who require an understanding of household plumbing or want the basic knowledge to gain employment within the trade as a trainee – to then go on to study for the higher level NVQ’s.

Plumbing Course NVQ 1



This course covers the principles and practical aspects of domestic plumbing. Students will gain the practical skills required for pipe bending and jointing, together with knowledge of basic plumbing systems layout and installation.

Cold and Hot water systems, all domestic aspects of plumbing, heating, sanitation, electrical systems and lead work, along with all the generic modules of health and safety, working relationships and energy efficiency, for the home and the work place make up this award.


The course should consist of the following modules:

Working Safely

An introduction module outlining the basic safety regulations.

Installing and testing pipe systems materials and components to include copper fabrication

Gives students the skills to lay out, assemble, fabricate, maintain and repair piping systems.

Plastic installations.

Plastic piping is the easiest to install, but there are special things to look for when securing and joining to an existing drain. This module outlines these and focuses on the skills required in your plumbing NVQ 1.

Gutters and rainwater pipes.

Provides the knowledge for the installation, renewal, repair and maintenance of roof water systems including gutters and rainwater piping, including materials and plumbing supplies.

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