Plumbing Insurance

Plumbing insurance is extremely important for everybody involved in working within the plumbing trade. If you are working as a plumber in your own plumbing business then your plumbing insurance policy should cover you in case of an accident or some other mishap.

Plumbing insurance prices vary and are often determined by the level of risk involved depending on the type of buildings you are working on.

For domestic plumbing insurance a level of around two million pounds cover is normally required.

Remember the plumbing insurance policy is there to protect you and your customer.

Plumbing insurance only really ever comes into play when there has been an accident, but essentially it is a safety net for all workers within the company.

A sole trading plumbing operative would normally have plumbing insurance for around two million pounds, and additional employees within a plumbing company would become an additional risk that might incur around one hundred pounds extra on the policy.

Like most things in life there are good plumbing insurance companies and some not so good. There is a huge difference between a company that understands all the risks and one that doesn’t.

It is essential to make sure that any plumbing insurance company you choose knows the plumbing business well and this can only be done by researching all the terms and conditions of the plumbing insurance policy.

One of the important things to ensure is that your plumbing insurance company knows that you are working with heat, especially an open flame blow lamp. There have been numerous cases where claims have not been met because the company had not added this to the policy.

Although this may seem an obvious thing to anyone involved in plumbing your average insurance administrator is not obliged to understand every detail of the plumbing business. You are ultimately responsible to protect yourself and your clients.

Your plumbing insurance policy should be like your work, “watertight” and any claim you need to make should be settled promptly. Accidents do happen and it is often the case that an accident will happen at the most unexpected time.

Do your homework until you find a plumbing insurance company that will fulfil all your requirements, and remember that you are ultimately responsible to ensure that all the plumbing risk details are supplied to your chosen plumbing insurance company.

Go through a plumbing insurance checklist.

How long have they been providing plumbing insurance?

How quickly to they settle plumbing insurance claims?

How easy is it to contact the company?

Can I speak to a real person if I need to make a claim?

How do the prices compare with other plumbing insurance specialists?

Will they remind you automatically with the insurance renewal?

Have I double checked the details I have provided?

Have I made sure of the blow lamp risk, and is it listed on the policy?

Will you receive a proper policy document and proof of receipt of payment?

Have I covered everything, and am I happy with the detail of the plumbing insurance policy?

Tick off all the important things on your list and then consider the cost fully. Insurance is as only as good as the company providing it. Although you should expect first class service if you need to make a claim remember that your insurer is there for one reason only.

That is; to make as much money as humanly possible. Some insurance companies would be quite happy to dispute a claim, and it is your responsibility to make sure that your chosen insurer will support your claim if the need arises.

Take a look at some of the money sites and search for reviews before you make your decision.


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