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In 1982 I set up my own plumbing business. Nothing special about that you might think, but I wasn’t a plumber at the time. What I knew about plumbing you could write on the back of a postage stamp, but I really wanted to learn something new and hoped to make a considerable amount of money in the process.

I was 26 years old at the time.

32 Years later, I still do plumbing.

In fact, I’m pretty good at it.


I was so good at it, that from the start, I earned ten times my previous years’ salary for over fifteen years. I cleared my 25 year mortgage on my house in 2 years, and bought another better house and cleared the mortgage on that in another two years. Then in 1992 I bought a house that I could only have dreamed about just a few years ago. It cost over £170,000

Around £500,000 in today’s money!

Not bad for doing a job that I knew absolutely nothing about, and one which I started off not being very good at.

My name is Mike and I want to let you into a little secret.

Making a lot of money as a plumber has absolutely nothing to do with being good at doing plumbing. Yes, let me explain.

Doing the plumbing is the easy bit. Becoming good at plumbing will not make you rich. Doing your plumbing jobs well will not make you richer than the plumber down the road who does his jobs poorly. There will be a slight improvement if you offer a better service, but believe me, the big income comes from something else.

How can you make a lot of money as a plumber then?

  • Qualifications in plumbing count for nothing when it comes to earnings.
  • Forget 90% of the plumbing jobs that most plumbers seek.
  • Do the 10% jobs that pay the most.
  • Create your special place in your area.
  • Keep away from negative people.

You can set up as a jobbing plumber without any qualifications whatsoever.

Here is a fact; you tell me if I’m wrong


In my area now in 2014/2015 I see hundreds of sign written vans, with odd job men driving them with a list of services they offer ranging from putting a shelf up to plumbing a new bathroom in.

Maybe you have seen these in your area.

I have met and chatted to hundreds of these people over the years and they all have one  thing in common. Most started with no qualification or experience whatsoever, and none of them it seems to me have two pennies to rub together. It is not difficult to see why though. Many of these people carry out plumbing work on a regular basis.

Now, that being the case, where would you fit in? Well, simple answer, you don’t. You and I do not want to be associated with this unprofessional slap dash way of working or doing business.

Often these people are struggling to make a living and chase the low cost work that everybody else seems to be chasing too. Now, I cannot possibly elaborate more here but let me just say you need to be working in the opposite direction to these people. You need to follow a different route.

When I started doing plumbing jobs, I kept myself away from all the cowboy type people because I knew to compete with these would never make me any money.


So, where’s all this leading to?

A while back I created a set of DVD’s for people who are not plumbers, but are handy DIY type people who might like to set up and copy a successful plumbing business like the one I worked in for 30 years.

I must emphasise that you do not need to be a qualified plumber, but you must be fairly good at DIY tasks.

Although the practical basics of the jobs are covered, I’m more interested in the cash plan; how to turn those small plumbing jobs into cash. How I could make over £300 per day whilst everybody else struggled. I even made more money in the three recessions where almost all of the people in the plumbing industry in my area went broke. Yes, many plumbers went broke, I increased my income.

In 1996 I was earning £78,000 from carrying out small plumbing jobs in my area, on my own, doing my own thing every day. A lot of plumbers would be happy with that income today because it far exceeds what most plumbers can expect.

High earnings are realistic and achievable, but not if you run with the sheep mentality and get caught up in the headlights of what everyone is doing.


You need to be different.

If you like the idea of learning something new, and like the idea of plumbing, my DVD’s are a must for you.

I talk you through everything I learned early on. I do not make false promises either. I show you exactly what you will need to do in order to make cash on a regular basis.

Here’s what is in the DVD’s

Take a look at one very small section here on motivation. Remember what I said about negative people before. Only positive thinking, highly motivated people will ever make any money working in their own business. This is a fact.

Motivation – An example of the DVD’s

Remember what I said about doing the 10% jobs?

I have earned a fortune from carrying out small and very simple plumbing jobs. I’d guess hundreds of thousands of pounds has passed my way. I am financially secure; my house is currently valued at half a million pounds all bought and paid for by working steadily on my own carrying out simple little tasks. When I say I do small plumbing jobs I mean simple jobs that almost anybody could do…

What’s a simple job?

Change a tap washer. Replace a ball cock. Attend to a leaking pipe. Make a toilet cistern flush better…

One buyer sent me this nice mail

I feel I owe you one, as you have helped me to
find a new career and given me the inside knowledge and confidence to
start my own Business.

My story is that I was made redundant after working for the same firm
for 8.5 years. I was a Web Developer for a company that made all 90 of
us redundant in September last year. I had a reasonably well paid job
(30k) but I was far from happy working in an Office.

I have only just started the Plumbing Business and have not had much
work yet, but I know it will take time for it to build. When I do get
work I really enjoy it and it is great to know that the more effort I
make, the more my business will grow.

I think your business plan is the best ££££ I ever spent and if you are ever
near Sutton Coldfield, I would love to buy you a beer to say thanks.

You can quote me as you wish,

Kind Regards,


…and Gary said,

I start a 4 week residential plumbing course on 16th.

Although a lot of it is common sense, I really learnt a lot with the advertising and promotion aspect of your training.

I was looking to have a vehicle vinyl wrapped as an advert etc but after listening to your views on that I am now not going to waste money on it, thanks…

…you have provided an excellent “first buy”.

Wishing you luck in the future

Gary Pritchard

My unique and original DVD’s are available here.

Learn everything you need to know to get started.


  • DVD Series 1-4
  • DVD Series 5-8
  • DVD Series 9-12
  • DVD Series Ad Copy That Sells
  • Plumbing PDF How to Guide
  • How to set up a plumbing business.
  • Hours and hours of tutorials – lessons to follow.
  • Full video visual with full explanations.

Everything is covered, from how to initially set up to working with inquiries,  how to get the inquiries; how to promote yourself and how to get the highest paying jobs. You will learn how to avoid the sheep mentality and create your own unique business.

This is a very special chance to copy a winning formula and get an insight into a way of thinking that enabled me to earn a great living for me and my family for over 30 years.

This DVD project represents years of learning and having worked in the industry for over 30 years where many thousands of pounds has been spent in getting everything just right.

You will increase your chances of success by following my methods in working and business sense. You will be able to copy a winning system that under normal circumstances money could never buy.

There is not anything like this available anywhere in the world, I know because I spent many a long hour looking for great information to help me, without success.

There are of course plumbing books out there, hundreds of them, but none of them will explain to you how to “Make the Cash You Need”…And none of them will offer you an easy talk through with videos that are really easy to follow.

This is the ultimate set, hours of video created by a plumber who actually makes his living by carrying out simple easy plumbing jobs, and earning more than most plumbers could ever dream of.

I hope you join me, but if not, I wish you all the success in the world whatever business you decide to follow.

Don’t forget though, this opportunity is for people who wish to set up as plumbers in their own business, but you do not need to be a qualified plumber to get involved.


ONLY £39.99

Please allow 14 Days for delivery.

DVD packages may not look exactly the same as in photographs, but content is identical.

  • I made enough money to clear my mortgage within 18 months of working this exact method.
  • Don’t confuse this with any other random “get rich quick” scheme, it is certainly not that.
  • I absolutely guarantee that if you follow this system you will be a winner, if you fail to achieve great success by using these methods, I will personally help you get there…that’s a promise.
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