Plumbing Courses in Liverpool


The course covers the following modules:

* Safety

* Key Plumbing Principles

* Environmental Awareness

* Common Plumbing Processes

* Effective Working Relationships

* Cold Water Systems

* Gas Supply Systems

* Hot water Systems

* Improvement of Business Products & Services

* Sanitation Systems

* Mandatory Unit for Modern Apprenticeships – Employment Rights & Responsibilities

* Central Heating Systems

* Practical Task assessments

* Electrical Supply & Earth Continuity

* Sheet Lead Weathering

Take a Basic Plumbing Course or Enrol on Part Time Plumbing Courses Today

Our basic plumbing courses – why you should call us today:
Gain 3 qualifications including a Level 2 City & Guilds on our part time plumbing courses.
Learn essential skills and study from home on our part time plumbing courses.
Why attend a lengthy traditional plumbing course when you can attend part time?
Whether you’re 20 or 50+, male or female, our part time plumbing courses are designed for you.
Attend our part time plumbing courses when it suits you and study around your present job.

plumbing courses in Liverpool

Part time plumbing courses – an overview.

Our City & Guilds part time plumbing courses are designed to suit anyone, including those without previous plumbing experience, and our basic plumbing courses are great for novices and experienced plumbers alike. Our part-time plumbing courses are especially good for people who want to learn more about plumbing but do not have enough spare time, due to work or other commitments, to attend a traditional basic plumbing course.

Our basic plumbing course and other part time plumbing courses are specially designed so you can study the theory at home in your own time. We will provide you with our unique part time plumbing courses study pack so you can do a lot of your learning from home whilst continuing to meet other commitments. You will then be required to attend short practical training sessions before completing your basic plumbing course.

1. City & Guilds 6128 Level 2 Certificate
An industry recognised professional qualification that leads to you becoming a skilled plumber. Also it is ideal if you want to progress onto gas training and gas safety registration at a later date.

2. Bpec Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems Certificate
Gain the ID card certifying your competence when installing or maintaining unvented hot water storage systems.

3. Bpec WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) Certificate.

Once you have completed our plumbing course or part time plumbing courses, you can become a member of an industry recognised Competent Person Scheme and become an ‘Approved Contractor’.
Who are our basic plumbing courses and part time plumbing courses designed for?
Our basic plumbing course and our many other part time plumbing courses are ideal for anyone thinking of getting into plumbing, as they are great value for money and require very little time commitment. You can put as much time as you want into your basic plumbing course. There is no age limit to attend this course, whether you are 20, 30, 40 or 50+, male or female these part time plumbing courses are suitable for all.

Where next? Your next move after a basic plumbing course.

Our part time plumbing courses, including our basic plumbing course, will give you the opportunity to learn the skills to earn your City & Guilds 6128 level 2 qualification. After this you can progress from a basic plumbing course onto higher level qualifications at a later date. The gas training route may appeal or perhaps higher level part time plumbing courses such as an NVQ2 in plumbing. All possible options will be explained to you in detail throughout your basic plumbing course.

Basic plumbing course – tutor support.

Some people mention to us when discussing enrolling on one of our part time plumbing courses that they are concerned about studying as they have not done so for some time or never before. We allay these fears by explaining that this is a basic plumbing course and you will be supported by dedicated tutors at all times on our part time plumbing courses.

We do not set you up to fail and can guarantee you will enjoy our part time plumbing courses and find them highly rewarding.

We train students from anywhere in the UK on part time plumbing courses.

Our basic plumbing course can be completed by anyone anywhere in the UK. Our part time plumbing courses require very little time attending practical training sessions and are totally flexible. We would recommend that, if you are interested in our basic plumbing course, you contact us now about our part time plumbing courses and find out how close our training centres are to you.

Further information regarding our basic training course.

If you need more information about our basic training course and other part time plumbing courses and would like to know if they would be suited to you then please get in touch and we will provide you with clear information regarding our basic plumbing course via our advisory team. Please call us for free or leave your details and we’ll contact you about our basic plumbing course and part time plumbing courses when it’s convenient for you.

plumbing courses in Liverpool

Plumbing courses in Liverpool or plumbing apprenticeships are becoming more and more available through either the City & Guilds or through the JTL apprenticeships schemes.

Liverpool is now one of the good areas for opportunities for plumbing training and or plumbing apprenticeships because the regeneration of Liverpool has increased the demand for plumbers.

Plumbing companies often look to colleges and training schools for new plumbing apprentices and often work with the colleges in locating trainee plumbers for their own work force.

Plumbing courses in Liverpool are keenly supported by the government and often employers are able to get subsidised training for any plumbing apprentice they employ. Normally the apprenticeship in plumbing will consist of one day at college where the student will gain a combination of theory and practical skills.

The rest of the week the student will work with their employers carrying out normal every day installation plumbing work or plumbing repairs.

Liverpool is now an expanding place where opportunities for trainee plumbers are becoming more available, but it is important for young people to spend time preparing a good presentation to any potential plumbing company.

The modern plumbing systems require a good technical knowledge and school leavers wishing to become involved with plumbing will require at least grade C and above in all the major subjects. It is unlikely that lower GCSE grades will be acceptable.

Older people might be able to secure a good adult learning plumbing course in Liverpool by attending one of the many open evenings throughout the year. It is important for anybody wishing to get involved in plumbing in this way to understand that employers may not be too keen to employ a newly trained plumber without experience.

Liverpool plumbers are experiencing a tremendous boost in their incomes as the economic recovery begins but business is still competitive. Companies are diverse in their work and often travel outside their area to complete plumbing contracts so experience is often essential when plumbers are asked to work in this way.

People with a desire to become plumbers within the Liverpool area should contact all those companies that might offer a plumbing apprenticeship or general plumbing training. Some of these companies might be interested in somebody from an allied field of work who has some practical experience and wants to be a plumber’s mate.

There are many possibilities in Liverpool and some of the best opportunities come along when eager people go out of their way to find work. The plumbing companies will not come to you, they expect you to be eager and excited at the prospect of working and training with them.

Again, plumbing can be a wonderful career for keen individuals but the economic climate right now dictates that the most highly motivated people and ones that show a natural aptitude for the job will be more likely to get considered.

There are other ways to get involved in the plumbing trade and often this can develop by working in allied trades. Some people start by doing small property maintenance jobs working up to carrying out small plumbing jobs as a natural part of their work.

Liverpool is becoming big business for maintenance companies and the opportunities for people to learn plumbing this way are enormous. Some people do not like the image of jack of all trades type services but the main reason for this is that the cost of employing many trades for some companies is prohibitive to their businesses.

There are several high profile property maintenance companies in the Liverpool area and potential plumbers should not dismiss this route to getting a start.

Plumbing courses in Liverpool are available; it’s just that you need to look at every opportunity for employment if you want a full time plumbing career.

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