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About the Plumbing College

The Plumbing College specialises in offering students the chance to study flexible, affordable and unique plumbing courses that can be studied around any current commitments.

The Plumbing College prides itself on offering innovative courses with the highest quality learning materials. Having had many years experience in distance learning the Plumbing College’s team has an excellent understanding of what support students require to help them successfully complete their plumbing courses.

Our plumbing courses have been designed for students from all age groups and backgrounds, and with no previous knowledge or experience necessary. All students have the opportunity to gain skills and qualifications for life and ultimately increase their earning potential.


Upon enrolment, students will benefit from a combination of home study course material, traditional ‘hands on’ practical training and now free access to an interactive e-learning programme. This unique blend of professional learning materials will offer students an excellent insight into all aspects of the plumbing industry.

Together with this, every student will be assigned to a personal Tutor who will offer unlimited support via freephone telephone, email or freepost.

As students have the benefit of studying their course material at home with the Plumbing College, it enables them to work at their own pace around their day to day life, this has proven to be invaluable to many of our students.

Successful completion of the plumbing courses will earn students a fully personalised portfolio of work and a number of trade recognised qualifications. This, together with their new found theory and practical plumbing knowledge, will enable students to enter the plumbing industry with confidence whether in an employed or self employed capacity.

With the continued increase in demand for both male and female plumbers, successful completion of this Plumbing College course will give students an excellent opportunity to follow a very lucrative career path helping them build a brighter, more prosperous future in the plumbing industry.

Recent News (Check website for updates and new news)


A broken down boiler or noisy radiators that require regular ‘bleeding’ usually indicate your central heating system needs a good clean, often following further investigation by a plumber the solution to the problem is ‘powerflushing’.

Powerflushing is a powerful method of cleaning central heating systems and it can improve performance by flushing out sludge and scale which tends to build up in radiators and pipe work, optimising the heat output and hence promoting energy efficiency.

People find that powerflushing not only solves heating problems but can also prevent boiler and pump failure which ultimately could lead to expensive repair bills. Powerflushing improves the circulation through pipe work so radiators and boilers do not have to work so hard.

Students enrolled on a plumbing course with the Plumbing College will have the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ experience of powerflushing a system during one of the practical plumbing sessions at our purpose built training centre.

Should you wish to find out anymore details about the practical sessions or the plumbing courses we offer please contact the Student Support Team on 0800 032 2452 or


Plumbing course fees held for limited period…

The new academic year is nearly upon us, traditionally it’s a time when people start to consider enrolling on courses with the aim of making a fresh start with their career!

Here at the Plumbing College we think there is no time like the present, so to help give you the extra motivation to enrol on one of our plumbing courses we will be holding tuition fees at the 2010/11 rate for new students who enrol throughout June 2011.

(Check web site for up to date information.)


Theory course fees start from as little as £599.00, once enrolled students will enjoy a number of benefits some of which are listed below:

Unique blend of theory, e-learning and practical work
Unlimited Tutor support for period of enrolment
Industry recognised qualifications Personalised portfolio of work

Places are limited and therefore we are operating a ‘first come first served’ policy. To reserve your place or request further details you can contact the Plumbing Student Support Team on 0800 032 2452 or email

EAL launches their new website…

EAL is the specialist, employer-recognised awarding organisation for the engineering, manufacturing, building services and related sectors. In the last five years, 500,000 people in the UK embarked on an EAL qualification in schools, colleges, universities, private training facilities and workplaces.

Here at the Plumbing College students who enrol on one of our plumbing courses have the opportunity to achieve an EAL Level 1 Certificate in Domestic Plumbing (Engineering and Technology) industry recognised qualification once successfully completing their course.

EAL have a reputation of offering students and training centres excellent standards of service, to further enhance this EAL have recently launched their new website giving people a greater insight and information about their organisation and also an option for students to sign up for their weekly ‘latest news’ bulletins. Their website address is;

Should you wish to find out any more details about the EAL qualifications or the plumbing courses we offer please contact the Student Support Team on 0800 032 2452 or


Practical sessions 1 and 2…

Here at the Plumbing College we cannot believe how fast the year is passing by! Numerous practical workshops have already taken place, with many students turning out outstanding samples of work.

During the first 2 day practical workshop students who are enrolled on one of our plumbing courses will endeavor to grasp the art of fabricating copper tube and installing two panel radiators with pipework, this will be checked for any leaks so don’t forget your wellingtons!

Students can then move onto booking their second practical workshop where they will enjoy tasks such as installing an airing cupboard direct hot water system and installing pipework to sanitary ware…..such a lot to do in 2 days!

Tapping into the history…

Have you ever turned on the water to fill your bath tub and wondered about the history of your tap?
The tap has an interesting history that traces back to ancient times. As early as 1700 B.C., plumbing and taps were being used to control the water to fountains and private homes.

Taps started out with two handles for hot and cold water. If you were running a bath, you turned on the hot water tap and the cold-water tap. However, in 1937, Al Moen burned his hands in the hot water and decided to design a single-handled tap.

His first design was rejected and between 1940 and 1945, he finally succeeded in designing a functioning, single-handled tap. Finally, people would be able to adjust the temperature of one stream of water until they found their desired temperature.

Many others continued to improve upon the design of the tap. In 1945, Landis Perry came up with the design for a ball valve for taps. The Delta single-handle tap was the first tap to utilise the ball valve.

As time marched on, more and more improvements were made to taps. Some of these improvements include filters to reduce contaminants, spray hoses that can be pulled out from the sink, electronic taps, and taps designed for the handicapped.

Electronic taps are becoming the norm in public bathrooms because users do not have to touch the handles to turn the water on. They simply hold their hands in front of a sensor and the water turns on, making these taps more hygienic than traditional taps.


It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the world of taps!
Students at the Plumbing College will have the opportunity to study the workings of taps in detail during their plumbing course, an important element of the practical workshop focuses on the maintenance of taps and valves.

This knowledge will prove critical to students once they are in the plumbing industry.
For more information on one of our plumbing courses please contact our Student Support Team on 0800 032 2452 or email us at

NUS Extra discount updates…

Plumbing College students now have the opportunity to enjoy even more discounts if they choose to register for an NUS extra card after enrolling on a plumbing course. NUS Extra have seen a flurry of activity on the discount front, a number of leading fashion brands have recently joined.

NUS Extra have also recently announced that both Accessorize and Monsoon are currently offering 20% off to card holders, and Tie Rack and Mulberry have also just come on board with 10% off.

A number of current partners, including Coast, Warehouse, New Look and LowCostHolidays have also increased their discount offering for a limited period.

April also saw NUS Extra welcome a new partner on board in Cineworld. Currently the offer is on their annual pass only, but it’s a great relationship to have and hopefully in the coming months Plumbing College students will have even more opportunities to benefit.

Joining up is easy, after enrolling on one of our plumbing courses you simply need to register for their card at (you will need to provide your student number when applying), to take advantage of NUS affiliation.

Domestic plumbers are still in demand…

Domestic plumbers continue to be in demand throughout the UK regardless of the time of year. I’m sure you’ve all heard people moaning about how difficult it is to get a reliable plumber to repair a leaky tap or a blocked toilet! Well, this gap in the market gives willing learners an excellent opportunity, following successful completion of a Plumbing College plumbing course students will have all the necessary skills to attend to these problems!

Furthermore, due to the recent and well documented housing market slump, fewer people are choosing to move home, instead many are deciding to update their present houses. Replacing kitchens and bathroom suites are amongst the most popular home improvements; and in turn this trend is creating an increased call for domestic plumbers.

Another appealing factor about retraining with one of our plumbing courses is the concept of becoming self-employed, the large majority of individuals who get into the industry as mature entrants begin doing work in self-employment extremely effortlessly. Not only does this give people lots of flexibility but it also offers an excellent earning potential!

So training to be a new plumber may perhaps just be the best career step you could ever make.
For more information on one of our plumbing courses please contact our Student Support Team on 0800 032 2452 or email us at

Course Details

The flexibility and unique structure of the Plumbing College’s course allows students to study around any current commitments they have. The theory and practical knowledge that students gain, along with the industry recognised qualifications, helps act as a stepping stone into the lucrative plumbing world where students can start a successful career.

Theory Work
Course Books

All theory work is studied from home using specifically written course books, the materials have been designed for a wide range of students including those with no previous plumbing knowledge. Throughout the books students progression is tracked by a number of self and tutor marked assignments. During their period of study students will have unlimited access to the Plumbing College’s support team and a personally assigned Course Tutor, both of whom can be contacted via freephone, email and freepost.


The Plumbing College has recently introduced free access to an interactive e-learning plumbing programme, this will enable students to learn using modern techniques and is intended to help simplify the process of understanding key concepts related to the plumbing industry. Students will be able to practice and learn in their own time, at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. This programme helps bridge the gap between theory and practical work.

Practical Training

Students can put their theory knowledge into practice by attending practical sessions at our purpose built training centre. Students can book these sessions to fit around their normal day to day commitments with dates available all year round including weekdays and weekends.

The practical sessions are split into 4 workshops each consisting of 2 days training. Students will embark on a wide range of ‘hands on’ plumbing activities at the centre, some of which are shown in the video below.



Following the successful completion of both theory and practical elements of their course, Plumbing College students will receive three industry recognised qualifications. To further complement this, students will also receive a portfolio containing photographic evidence of their work; this can be used to help show their level of competence in plumbing activities they have covered.

Further details on the qualifications, relevant awarding bodies and a personalised portfolio can be found in the following sections.

EAL – Who Are They?

EAL (EMTA Awards Limited) has been established since 1964 and is the UK’s leading awarding organisation for engineering.

EAL offers high quality qualifications and technical expertise for related sectors including building services, energy and utilities, logistics and operations and environmental technologies.

EAL is recognised by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to award over 60 N/SVQs in a range of occupational areas.

EAL – The Qualification

After successfully teaming up with EAL, students of the Plumbing College now have the opportunity to achieve the following industry recognised qualification:
QCF title: EAL Level 1 Certificate in Domestic Plumbing (Engineering and Technology)
QCF code: 501/0386/6

Units covered:

Understanding working in engineering.

Understanding joining engineering materials

Understanding basic maths and science used in engineering

Understanding working with customers

Understanding cutting, forming and assembly of common plumbing materials

This EAL qualification has recently been mapped across to the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).


Interested in Joining Up?

Work with us to help your career in plumbing exceed all expectations…
Studying a course with the Plumbing College will give all students, regardless of age, experience or background, an excellent opportunity to enter into the lucrative plumbing industry.

The course acts as a perfect ‘stepping stone’ into the plumbing industry for many students. With their new found theory and practical knowledge and industry recognised qualifications, students are able to follow a number of different routes into the plumbing industry, some of which can be found below:

Employed Plumber:

Some students opt to take the route of working for a plumbing company once they have graduated from the Plumbing College’s course. This option enables students to gain further experience whilst working within the industry and subsequently helps them to progress with their plumbing career.

The personalised portfolio that all successful students receive is an excellent tool to use when approaching prospective employers, this helps to reinforce students theory and practical knowledge that they have gained from their plumbing course.

Starting salaries for plumbers new to the industry can range between £16,500 and £21,000 per annum. Experienced plumbers can earn between £21,000 and £36,000 per annum.

Self Employed Plumber:

A large number of Plumbing College students choose to follow the path of being a self employed plumber. Not only will students have the benefit of being their own boss but as a self employed plumber they have the potential of earning excellent salaries, this could be in excess of £50,000 per annum depending on the workload.

Further Education:

Although successful students will gain a number of industry recognised qualifications, some may wish to continue into further education.

The industry offers a large number of qualifications ranging from solar energy to gas fitting. Completion of these will allow students to further enhance their experience and potentially enable them to specialise in specific areas of the plumbing industry.

The introduction of the new Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) means that the qualifications that have already been completed will not be wasted but can in fact be used towards future studies.

Skills for Life:

Due to the affordable fees and the flexibility of the course structure, students may simply wish to study the plumbing course to gain invaluable skills for life.

These skills can be utilised in everyday life whether that be around their home or aiding family and friends with their DIY needs.


The Plumbing College prides itself on offering students an unrivalled standard of support during their studies, here is a selection of comments made by some of our successful students…

New skills

This course has made me realise that I am capable of doing other things as I am currently working as a forklift driver and want a career change. Thanks a lot!
Gary B (Nottingham)

Gave me the future I wanted

Completing this course has given me the future I wanted with the understanding of what I needed!
Craig L (Telford)

Helped me every time

The college staff have helped me every time I needed it and explained everything so clearly. I have now passed my exams and currently looking for another job.
Amarjit S (Wolverhampton)

Confidence to start my own plumbing business

I now have the confidence to start my own plumbing business and I have gained a useful life skill and qualifications. I am very pleased.
Terry W (Barnstaple)

Thanks to everybody at the Plumbing College

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everybody at the college and training centre. This course has given me a lot of confidence and additional skills to earn a new living and I am currently seeking work.
Arturo A (Leeds)

Given me a massive head start

This course has given me a massive headstart and I am very proud of myself for doing something with my life.
Eric J (Cannock)

Ditching my hammer and picking up a blow torch

I found this course has helped me a lot and I am looking forward to ditching my hammer and picking up a blow torch! Cheers!
Paul W (Lincoln)

Practical plumbing experience

Having had self-taught practical plumbing experience in the past, the course has filled in all the missing links to make me now feel as though I am a good plumber.
Allen M (Walsall)

Professional manner

The course has helped me very much, I am just about ready to become a self-employed plumber and have a few jobs booked already. The staff both at the college and training centre were very helpful and answered any questions in a professional manner.
David N (Leicester)


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