Plumbing Apprenticeships Today

Plumbing apprenticeships are probably now a thing of the past. The last few years have been particularly difficult for people wanting to become involved in the plumbing industry. We would go as far as saying most people who show a keen interest in learning plumbing will never become involved.

The reality is this. There appears to be no real system in place for quality plumbing training like there used to be a few years ago.

Previously, years gone by, the main consideration when an individual wanted to work as a plumber was for an employer to make sure that they would provide a first class practical experience with one day release for the academics bits.

ballcockIn the new world, the college parts have now taken priority and the practical all important hands on skills have taken a back seat. New plumbers now are often so inexperienced when they actually start work, usually for themselves that they are not even competent to carry out the most basic of jobs.

So, becoming an apprentice plumber now usually means paying for a mediocre online college plumbing course and hoping to secure a little practical experience along the way.

Many plumbing companies will be happy to take on a trainee for a week or two but the prohibitive costs involved now for plumbing companies means that long term training cannot be given.

Even so, this is often better than many of the poor plumbing courses that are springing up all over the country. The hype relating to the plumbing industry with plumbers exaggerated earnings fuelling the rise of plumbing training courses means that often the basics are not even touched upon.

It is impossible for plumbing training schools to simulate sometimes very difficult plumbing and heating installs in building structures and those situations can only be learned when actually working in these environments.

The truth is that many newly qualified plumbers use customer’s properties as training grounds for their skills, often getting it very wrong indeed. The cost of remedial work for poor or dangerous installations often runs into thousands of pounds.

The new ideas in plumbing and plumbing training mostly brought about by government legislation has dealt a severe blow to bone fide tradesmen who have learned their trades the old fashioned way.

The skills these expert artisans have bear no resemblance to the quick fast track plumbers produced by this new system.

Training school qualifications become very irrelevant when everything is considered because many of the new generation of plumbing trainees have never worked on buildings or equipment they are attempting to work on.

Becoming a plumber has never been so difficult.

Plumbing Apprenticeships Today

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