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...89% of trained plumbers will never get a plumbing job at all...and most plumbing training is not good enough because most employers will only employ proper trained apprentice plumbers. why struggle trying to get started when you can take a "short cut" to success...copy what I have been doing for over 25 years...


...this simple and proven Plumbing DVD course will provide you with everything you need to know to start pulling in over £6500 per month...this is your "Short Cut" to getting in on the action quickly in 2009...


...incredibly, with no "Professional Plumbing Qualifications" either...


Dear Friend,


What you are about to read might disappoint you or even shock you. The plumbing industry is one of the highest income trades for successful people, but very few people make it into a full time job or employment; only around 10% are successful.


This plumbing DVD will help.


It is now almost impossible to get a job in the plumbing industry unless you have worked as an apprentice plumber from the start within a recognised plumbing company!


If you have experienced this yourself then you will know exactly what I'm talking about. Many of the training courses available are extremely expensive...often several thousands of pounds, and there is no promise of work once the training has been completed.


Training within a practical plumbing DVD can be of benefit.


Unfortunately, most training centres do not tell trainees that their chances of getting a real plumbing job is practically zero once the course is finished. It is also true that many people believe that you need to hold full qualifications such as City & Guilds or other NVQ type certification to work as a plumber.


This is simply not the case, and your chances of earning large amounts of money in the industry are not improved by gaining all those qualifications either.


Information within this new plumbing DVD will explain more.


As a matter of fact, many qualified plumbers struggle to earn high incomes working for companies and even less succeed working self employed within the plumbing industry.


There is enormous emphasis on “Plumbing Training” as the key issue for keen individuals wanted to get into this line of work. Hundreds of training centres are charging several thousands of pounds with the full knowledge that almost all of the trainees will never get a proper job as a plumber in the real world.


This is now being recognised as a matter of fact...

Often huge savings are made when looking at plumbing DVD training.

...even government ministers are concerned about this very problem...


The main problem is this...


89% of newly trained plumbers never find a proper job within a plumbing company and there are around 8,000 college and privately trained plumbers per year still looking to get employed years after completing courses...


Unfortunately, unless a "Fully Trained Plumber" has gone through the traditional apprenticeship route their hopes of employment is very slim...


This new plumbing DVD explains why this is so.


Employers simply cannot afford to take the risk on "inexperienced" plumbers where they would have to pay upwards of £38,000 per year when today's expectations on plumbers employed within larger plumbing companies is so high...


I receive many letters and telephone calls every year in my own area alone asking the question, "Are you taking on any trainees, or apprentices this year"? If you have already done this yourself or you are already in training to become a plumber whatever your age, or simply looking to get involved in plumbing... need to read every part of this because there are real alternatives for people like you right here now today...


Lots of people have already benefitted from this unique plumbing DVD set. have at your fingetips income plan method that works every time...


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This DVD walks you through basic practical talks and shows in practical terms how some easier jobs are done. Good plumbing practices are complimented by some good marketing tips. A course of business promotion and the importance of key elements in advertising tactics with full video tutorials.


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This DVD has advanced motivational tactics. Here we have working videos that show why most plumber's fail to make a success of their businesses, and how you can turn ordinary thinking into a marketing edge. This DVD has a full section on successful advertising and how to steal advertising space from the very best companies. Many offline directories and other plumbing books will provide you with free advertising to compliment your business.


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This DVD has the incredible new web site tutorial that the author used to get his business ranked on the first page of all the current search engines. This incredible DVD explains exactly how any new business can dominate the first page of Google and receive a flood of calls for work without costing a penny in ongoing costs. This item has kept the author at position #1 for over two years and has pretty much killed all the competition in his field. There has been many articles written about this in plumbing books but not shown in step by step stages in video tutorials like these here.

Take a look at the Google DVD in detail here.




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This set is undoubtedly the best boxed plumbing set available today. If you want to know about the plumbing business - this is the only set you will ever need!


A complete reference library that you will use for years.

Winning Big With Plumbing 3 DVD Set
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