Plastering Courses

Plastering courses can sometimes be added to a good working plumber’s repertoire. Never before has it been as easy as to take on extra skills be completing additional training such as a plastering course.

A good plastering course will help a working plumber in many ways. When a plumber refits a bathroom for example, often the walls and ceiling will need to be made good by skimming a rough coat of plaster or bonding ready for tiling.

Across the United Kingdom especially there are plastering courses for every eventuality. The superb City and Guilds plastering courses are possibly the best, but there is a plastering course for beginners and advanced people.

plasterSome companies offer 10 days on site plastering courses, and some with 6 day courses where the trainee will achieve a level of performance that will enable them to perform in the real world.

Plastering courses that are recommended are normally provided by the Construction Awards Alliance formerly the CITB and the City and Guilds.

Although there are many plastering courses available it is important to recognise that the plastering courses themselves will only be as good as the person that is teaching. You need to make sure that the instructors are plasterers themselves.

Do your research here because good plastering courses could cost you several hundred pounds or more and the key issue is to learn to plaster well enough to perform the tasks in the real world where you will get paid for your plastering services.

Ultimately though, your choice of plastering course will be determined by your budget and level required.
To become a plasterer you would need to develop those special skills and it is important to research all the options first before you commit yourself to a full blown plastering course.

Check out ableskill plastering courses.
Check out The Elite School of Plastering and Construction
Plastering Courses

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