Oil and Gas Jobs

Oil and gas jobs are available worldwide for qualified personnel. These openings are for engineers and professionally qualified people in the oil and gas industry.

There are often hundreds of jobs advertised for onshore and offshore operatives. Many recruitment agencies like to pair select candidates with the niche openings available within the oil and gas industry.
There are oil and gas jobs available that mostly cover the varying aspects of the industry.

There are oil and gas jobs available currently in oil and gas engineering together will drilling and of course oil and petroleum refinement. These are coupled with managerial and office based positions.

oil and gas coursesThese oil and gas jobs might include working as a tool pusher where they would supervise a well pulling hoist or rig; they would work to ensure the safe working of rig workers and crew including other technicians involved in working within the rig.

Generally there are hundreds of key workers and oil and gas jobs might include workover rig managers, drilling rig managers, project engineers, operations planners, fire shift supervisors, analyser maintenance engineers, workshop section heads, exploration personal, and steam process engineers to name but a few.

For working on the oil rigs you might need to investigate the working practices and durations of stay on the rig itself. This type of job will not suit everyone and sometimes the high incomes being offered by the rig operators do not compensate for the lengths of time families are apart.

For top quality information on the oil and gas industry with oil and gas jobs opportunities take a look at some of the new links on the site.

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