New Career Skills Plumbing Courses

New Career Skills Plumbing Courses

The Plumbing Skills Shortage

Did you know the estimated shortage of trained and qualified plumbers stands at about 32,100?
This is a big problem that we face as a nation. A plumber provides a much needed service to society, but there simply are not enough of them to keep up with demand.

Unfortunately, this is not a problem that will go away; in fact it will get worse. Have a look below at some of the reasons why the national shortage of plumbers will grow over the next 20 years:
1. The average age of a plumber is quite high and this means that more are leaving the industry than joining it.

2. Colleges do not have the capacity to train the yearly requirement of new plumbers.
3. Colleges are estimated to have only about 3,000 trainee vacancies per annum of which, it has been estimated, only 50% finish the plumbing course and go on to work in the industry.


4. Access to university is easier and more youngsters are opting to do a degree rather than learn a trade.

5. Huge building developments such as Wembley Stadium, the Olympic Games and airports expanding are draining the pool of labour.

6. Housing and new builds are at their highest level for over 100 years meaning more construction workers are needed.

The shortage of plumbers is not just limited to specific regions; it’s all across the UK.
This is a problem that New Career Skills is trying to, continuously, tackle.

The New Career Skills Plumbing Course is specifically aimed at mature career changers, giving them the skills they need to enter the plumbing industry.

Plumbing Courses

New Career Skills (NCS) Plumbing Courses are aimed at people with little or no plumbing experience and aged between twenty and sixty five. Whether you have never picked up a spanner or have installed your own bathroom, the programmes are tailored to fit around your experience and learning speed.

The plumbing courses take the blended learning approach to your development. This is a mix of theory that you do at home, in your own time, and practical hands-on training that you do at one of the Centre of Excellence Training Facilities.

NCS deliver their plumbing courses in this way so that you are in complete control of the speed in which you study and complete the course. Most NCS students have both family and work commitments so they fit the course around them.

This works well for students as they do not have to give up their job until they have the confidence and skills to move into the plumbing industry.

You can do the theory at home when you have time, maybe in the evenings or at weekends, and you can take some time off work to fit in the practical training sessions. The practical sessions are broken down into a number of weeklong blocks, which will be spent at an NCS Centre of Excellence.

At the Practical sessions you will put into practice what you have been studying in the Theory and actually see the end result of your hard work. As most NCS students will tell you, the learning curve is steep and you will be very surprised how much you learn in a short space of time.

During the plumbing courses you will learn a whole manner of things, anything from using various tools to fitting a bathroom. You will be given the skills you need to get into the industry. As the Tutors, Assessors and Trainers will tell you, they would have sufficient confidence in your ability to invite you into their homes to do a plumbing job.

Throughout the plumbing courses you will have access to a dedicated Tutor to help and advise you. Once you have finished the course you will not only have access to your Tutor, but also a specialist career search and business start-up team. They will be available to assist you in securing employment or starting your own business.

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