JTL Apprenticeships

It is possible to get a JTL apprenticeship through one of the 3500 electrical employers throughout the UK. JTL are proud to announce their “Delivering Skills for Business” initiative.

This electrical training provider is keen to work with electrical companies in providing a JTL electrician’s apprenticeship schemes where the off-site training is completely free.

JTL is a registered charity and promise to invest their funds in making training affordable and profitable for companies that use their services. The JTL apprentice will be coordination with a specialist JTL training officer.

JTL Apprenticeships
Now ideally suited for young people the JTL apprenticeship scheme is designed to meet and fulfil an employers training needs and the JTL apprentice will normally be training in their own specific niche market or whatever the employer’s needs may be.

JTL recognise that the history of boom and bust where training has been often put on hold has created a shortage of fully trained personal.

Their answer is to provide a cost effective solution to getting a JTL apprentice within a company now, so that any future upturn in business will be met by the skills available to carry out the work.

JTL was created way back in 1990 where the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and the union body Unite joined forces to create and manage an electrical division. JTL now has grown into other areas of the building trades including plumbing.

JTL apprenticeship schemes are now recognised as the most successful and by far the largest provider of apprenticeship schemes through business in the UK.

JTL are partnering almost 3500 businesses and they support the companies who are working with them throughout the term of the apprenticeship. Also being a registered charity it provides reassurance that the money they receive goes to the improvement of training and support.

What is more important is the success rate of being involved in a JTL apprentice scheme.
Seventy percent of trainees who start their advanced apprenticeship will complete and go on to work within their chosen careers.

One of the reasons for this is that only 10% of people applying for the JTL apprenticship scheme will be accepted; the standard for entry is particularly high.

For more information, look at the web site below.
JT Limited, Head Office, Stafford House, 120-122 High Street, Orpington, Kent BR6 0JS; Tel 01689 884100 or 0800 0852308.



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