Intensive Plumbing Courses

Intensive Plumbing Courses

Qualifications required

Usually no qualifications are require to start an intensive plumbing course.. It may be recommended to have a good standard of education such as four or five GCSE’s at grade C or above.

What is the approximate time to complete plumbing course?

The courses range from six weeks to 2 or 3 months.

Qualifications achieved

The courses aim to train students to be fully-qualified plumbers however it is important to check the qualifications are accredited. The most well known accredited courses are those with City and Guilds

Intensive Plumbing Courses

plumbing tools

With many college courses being full and waiting lists several years long many people are opting for the quick-fix route to plumbing, the intensive course.

Intensive plumbing training course covers all aspects of domestic plumbing, fault finding and maintenance.
The programme is usually split into two parts theory training on the understanding of plumbing systems and practical training.

The training will usually consist of a six to twelve week course, with training over 5 days per week.

The theory part will usually cover the following modules:

Health and Safety
Plumbing Processes
Cold Water
Hot Water
Hot Water Heating
Basic Electrics
Fault Finding and Maintenance
Water Regulations

The practical part of the course will cover the following modules:

Pipe bending and jointing skills for copper tube to City and Guild requirements
Installing and testing sanitary ware and waste pipework to City and Guilds requirements
Installing and commissioning bathroom suites
Use of Plastic push fit plumbing systems
Install and commission hot water cylinders and cold water cisterns
Install/replace Immersion heaters
Install/replace electric showers
Install mixer type showers
Install and commission radiators
Install outside taps
Install washing machine
Install thermostatic radiator valves
Replace kitchen, washbasin and bath taps

How do you find an intensive plumbing course provider?

Similarly to distance learning courses, it is important to find out which intensive courses are accredited. Some courses may cost several thousand pound yet the qualification you gain may not stand up when it comes to getting a job. Ask the provider if the course is accredited by ‘City and Guilds’, the most common NVQ training provider.


The courses usually cost around £4000.

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