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Let me walk you through my video – I show you exactly how I got the GOOGLE top spot!



1Dear Business Owner or Tradesman,

Many of you will have already purchased my top selling Plumbing DVD’s and Apprentice Plumber training courses. A few of you will already know that I run a number of service related businesses where I emphasise the importance of advertising and promotions.

My superb advertising DVD explains in detail the best way to manipulate directory advertising such as the Thomson Directory and Yellow Pages. Within this DVD I talk briefly about my internet marketing strategy and how I have risen from page 44 to a first page ranking within a few weeks for my own plumbing business.

I have promised many of you a working tutorial on how I achieve first page rankings on Yahoo and Google.

Most of the companies that enjoy a first page position on the major search engines like Yahoo and Google spend massive amounts of cash to enable that position. It is unfortunate that many small businesses do not realise that they are quite capable of achieving a top spot with very little effort and zero financial commitment.

Of course, you will need to have a basic web site, but the truth is this; you CAN achieve a first page ranking without using anything more than a basic understanding of how the system works. It’s better than this because it is far easier to gain the top spot first page ranking by doing it yourself.

And, here’s the truth…IT IS NOT COMPLICATED!

There is a massive amount of money spent each year on expert help. Millions of businesses worldwide pay search engine optimisation (SEO) expert’s vast sums to undertake what is a very simple task.

This is what we need to know in order to get on the first page and at the top of the first page on Google.

Firstly, the content on your page has to be set out in a certain way. Most web designers do not understand what is important. They are far more concerned about the way your web site looks than the criteria needed for it to be found in searches.

But, there is no point in having a nice looking web site that nobody ever finds?

Secondly, the things you do after your web site is up and running determines mostly how well your web site is ranked.

This key and crucial information has nothing to do with web site design, so people with existing web sites can still achieve first page top spot by never learning anything about web sites at all.

You do not even need to know anything about computers either.

I’m a working plumber not a computer wizard, but I have created my own one page web site. My DVD shows you how I did this.

It’s nothing fancy, just a basic page, but it currently sits at the top for anybody requiring plumbing services in my area. They seem me first…they click me first.

Who would you call? Would you call someone on or near the first page or on page 44. It’s a no brainer!

I even outrank most of the main directories that would ask you for a few hundred pounds to be included in their directory.

Think about that for a moment. Let’s take the Thomson Local as an example.

Why would anybody scroll down the page to find the Thomson Local listing and then do another search for a business listed in their directory?

And the same applies to

I had previously spent thousands of pounds on promotions for my businesses over the last 26 years, but I now enjoy a massive boost due to a first page ranking on major search engines. This saves me a fortune on conventional directory adverting, and I absolutely will never sign up again for





This may still seem a bit far fetched for some of you, but the reality is this; the experts absolutely want you to believe that all this is far too difficult because they want to carry on making a fortune from people just like you.

I have always had a distrust of so called experts, I much prefer the simple logical approach.

We all know what happens when we put our faith in highly paid experts…take a look at the banking system and the pension funds right now!


If you have a business, then I’m going to show you how to get a first page rank.

Ultimately though, if you follow a set of “Golden Rules” which I will provide, you will rank higher than all your competition on a regular basis.

Although I have optimised for my own Plumbing Business, this opportunity is perfect for any trader or tradesman who wants to dominate a certain area.

It is critical to understand that this will work much better for you if you want to dominate your own town.

This is geared mostly for people who wish to trade in their own local area.

There has never been a more important time to get ahead with low cost promotions. Major search engines are providing advertisers a huge boost to their businesses and these little known skills will help everyone make more sales.

Low cost promoting is what it’s all about now in this slow moving economy. Regular directory advertising costs far too much and often the results are poor.


A new age has arrived; even older people are using the internet for businesses and services as a first choice.

We do not want all the business out there; we want all the very profitable business out there. And if you are unsure about the quality of any leads generated by the major search engines then consider this.

Those people typing into their browser have “already decided” what they need. They are only looking for somebody to satisfy that need; and if you are first page…you get first call…it’s really that simple.

So, forget spending thousands with, Up My Street, Touch Local, Thomson Local and other internet directories etc…

All you need is a little knowledge to complete the task yourself…and if you don’t feel confident about that…give this DVD to the people that did your web site so that they can implement the changes.

Another thing; don’t fall into the trap of believing what all those internet experts tell you either. Let them put their money where their mouth is…


Go to Google search and type in what you think somebody in Swindon would type if they needed a plumber…here’s an idea…

Plumbers in Swindon, Swindon plumbers, plumbers Swindon

Take a look at the spot I’m at for these search terms…

…if you are listed with Google and have a web site…how well does your website do for the search that people would use. GO ON…TRY IT!

 Are you at the top?

Do you get real money paying business every day from your web site?

Do you pay money out to people who have not got the faintest idea as to what they are doing?

Are you wasting money with your present listings?

Would you be happy to make a one off low cost payment so that your web site could dominate the first page?

And remember this…nobody gives a fig if your web site is basic…all they want is a number to call…this is a key factor.

And here’s another thing that might shock some people. will tell you that their listings are better than anything else on the internet. In 2008 I spent over £1000 with having been a yellow pages advertiser for over 27 years. I got talked into giving it a go, but I received only…

…6 calls for the WHOLE YEAR!

That worked out a whopping £166.66 per call…and it is likely that those calls did not turn into any real work.

By dominating the top spot on Google and all the other search engines I can sometimes receive over 40 calls a day for work. This is incredible because my web hosting space and domain name cost only around £73.00 per year.

This new DVD is absolutely unique, there is nothing like it because I talk you through the whole process even showing you how to complete your own web site. I show you how to set up your own site on your own web hosting – how to upload the files and how to maintain and get yourself a high ranking.

The DVD is almost two hours long.

Simply run on your computer and learn the easy way to optimise your site or give the disk to your web site creator so that they can get your ranking to first page.

Two hours of incredible information not ever previously seen or explained by the ordinary man in the street. I’m actually running my Plumbing Business every day, so I need this to work for me.

I have spent months putting this thing together for all you business owners and I genuinely believe that you will reap huge rewards with the extra calls to your office.

All this; and you need to pay for nothing. This can be achieved without anything other than using your existing web site and or web site creator. You could simply give this DVD to your web site creator and ask them to implement the changes.

Check my own ranking…you will see that I am above all those companies who bombard us with sales calls every week who promise you the earth. As a matter of interest to you all, Google Maps is a great way in terms of preferred position on page. These listings are like gold; get one of these 9 spots and the calls will come in…Guaranteed!

Check my spot…I have Google Maps as well…

Yahoo still has a nice share of the market and many internet service providers still use Yahoo for its landing page. Do not dismiss this search engine. Many Google freaks dismiss Yahoo, and can never configure to get a high ranking there either. Again, check my ranking…you would be amazed how many people still use this search engine.

I’m dominating Yahoo for almost all the searches for plumbing related services in Swindon, and you could do the same for your own business.

Microsoft recently tried to purchase Yahoo for Billions of dollars and was turned down. That’s how valuable they considered Yahoo to be, so do not worry when people tell you that nobody uses Yahoo anymore; the truth is, they do!

I know they do because those calls to our office are logged and we absolutely know this search engine is still a major force on the internet today. Take a look at the other smaller search engines…these too are beneficial…and, I’m ranked high on those too…


Business promotion is one of the costliest things there is. The Yellow Pages and Thomson Local rely on you for their income. I have been advertising with both of these for over 26 years, but the tide is turning.

Online promotions are winning. The big winners though are going to be the ones who get a first page ranking early on.

Google has a simple philosophy.

It is all about “searching for relevant content”…so, for you to achieve a top spot you need to be the one to provide the “exact match” in terms of content. Google has always stated that it will provide unbiased and relevant content for any given search term.

This is a core issue for them and for you because the last thing I want to tell you about is probably the most important of all.

Google loves consistency and web sites that have history. They like the fact that a web site is there month after month, year after year. They give extra importance to all those web sites.

That’s why you need to act very quickly before it is too late. I’m still confident that the top spots are achievable for almost any local business. I’m not talking about mega million type businesses where you might want to become the top listed for car insurance.

These spots on a pay per click CPC campaign could cost you as much as £65.00 per click. I’m talking about your trade or shop or any local small business.

Here’s the deal.


You make a once only payment for the DVD. It covers basic web site design. How to upload to any web hosting you choose. What you need to do to get your site on the first page and possibly top spot. I show you exactly I how did it.

This is a video where you insert into your computer and watch every click of my mouse while I talk you through the whole process. This is as simple as it gets. I spent months just figuring out how to create this item and spent hundreds of hours learning software just figuring it all out.


I’m practically giving this away, so if you want to take a closer look click the link and check this out further.



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