Gas Course Training

Gas Course Training

How to become a Gas Engineer or Gas Fitter

It is now possible for people to attend gas courses and become involved in the gas industry providing they undertake the necessary training and obtain the minimum qualifications as outlined within the new government guidelines.

There are numerous recognised training facilities throughout the United Kingdom where students of all ages can work to achieve their goals; mainly to work as gas fitter of gas service engineer of some description.

In April 2009 the old CORGI gas registration scheme was replaced by the Gas Safe Register. This new body is now the official industry standard for gas safety in the United Kingdom.

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The Gas Safe Register is regulated by the government’s own Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Gas safety is ultimately the responsibility of the HSE in the United Kingdom.

Most gas courses are geared to providing all students the necessary gas skills and relevant gas qualifications to be able to register with the Gas Safe Register.

The new Gas Safe Register has been modified to bring in new and improved levels of safety and clearly defined operating rules of registration.

For more information on the Gas Safe Register please follow this link:

New Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Logo

Gas Courses Defined

For new entrants into the industry; those people who will not be able to provide relevant related plumbing or gas qualifications or have no previous experience.

Gas courses are available for these new entrants. These are described as Category 3 candidates. Previously, it used to be a rather long drawn out process taking a couple of years or so to gain the necessary gas qualifications to become a gas engineer.
The old level 3 plumbing qualification used to be a pre-requisite before one could start a gas course.
The new requirement is for intensive training for new starters. This consists of a complete gas course foundation element with a mixture of workshop training and classroom study.

The candidate will perform practical and written tasks and record evidence of completed tasks.

The candidate should throughout the gas training keep a written log book of tasks completed so that any government body can check the status of any individual and competence at any time.

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