Gas Courses

Gas Courses

In the old day’s gas courses as separate courses would not have been required. We are talking twenty five years ago or more, but essentially if you were a qualified plumber you would also be able to undertake gas work.

Although it may seem odd that a trained plumber is not deemed qualified to undertake even the basic tasks of gas work without undertaking a fully recognised gas course, it is in fact the current law.

Gas courses are devised and structured to enable the student to obtain the necessary skills for them become a member of the gas safe register.

Amongst other tasks some will include understanding basic gas supply, metering, gas soundness, combustion, sizing or rating and testing. The student will need to provide evidence of all these completed tasks and provide practical demonstration in some instances.

gas courses
Often the gas courses will encompass all these things together with a final test or competence test on completion.

The cost of these gas courses is varied. Some suppliers have notably higher prices than others and it is advisable to shop around prior to any bookings being made. Surprisingly, people tend to book the first gas course they can find and realise later that the cost was way more than they needed to pay.

The most important thing to consider is whether the gas course or selection of gas courses or modules you decide to buy is going to provide you with the qualification you need. Remember that you might not need all the modules to work within your particular field of gas work.

There is a growing demand for good gas fitters and it is fortunate that the opportunities exist for new starters within the industry.

The latest news and transfer from corgi to the Gas Safe Register has spurred an new set of requirements. Those companies providing the most relevant gas courses will be very busy in the future.
The city and guilds provide gas courses for students also.

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