Essex Plumbing Apprenticeships

Essex plumbing apprenticeships are being offered by Prospect Training Solutions working with Essex County Council. The partnership is designed to assist young people to get involved with plumbing companies when looking for a plumbing apprenticeship.

Plumbing apprenticeship places are essentially being partly funded through Essex County Council.
Full Plumbing Level 2 plumbing apprenticeships are being subsidised with 50% of the apprentices salary being funded by Essex County Council.

The plumbing company and employer will be asked to fund the other half of the plumbing training. The current salary guidelines recommend a minimum of £95 per week.

plumbing wrench
The plumbing apprentices will attend college one day per week where they will work towards their technical plumbing certificate and work the remainder of the week with the employer. In addition the apprentice plumber will be working towards collecting evidence of tasks completed for the plumbing NVQ qualification.

A Prospects Training Solutions work based assessor will work with the students to ensure that all the criteria is met and all the plumbing based evidence is achieved.

The full framework Level 2 plumbing apprenticeship will take approximately 21 months to complete. The programme is up and running now (September 2010 – check information) and people wishing to get involved should contact Prospect Training Solutions for more details.

Plumbing companies taking on apprentices will be issued with a recognised employer contract where assessment for health and safety will be carried out. Employers will be encouraged to work to complete the Level 2 programme and progress to a Level 3 Plumbing qualification.

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