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Good electrician’s courses can put you on the road to a new and financially rewarding career. At the present time there is a shortfall in the number of electricians coming through but that is not because of the number of electrician’s courses available.

Becoming an electrician is normally best suited for people who have a natural ability in logical thinking and a strong desire to learn something new.

distance learning coursesSome electrician’s courses are fairly difficult but a good solid education with grades of above GCSE C will be enough to get you going providing you have the open mindedness to a new way of thinking. There is a lot of science and electrical theory right down to particle physics with the new electrician’s courses.

In today’s financial economy it is difficult to find an electrical contracting company to employ you as an electrician’s apprentice. Those days are mostly gone but there are a few companies still doing it where you will be able to book one of many electricians’ courses at the local college.

There are a number or areas to consider when becoming an electrician and the electrician’s courses you choose will determine where and how you apply your trade. Installation electricians will normally work in domestic dwellings and commercial buildings.

These might include factories, offices and other major building projects. You will need a minimum of an NVQ level 3 in electrical installations and you would also need to provide a demonstration of practical competence as well. This would be in the form of a practical test and inspection.

Sometimes aspiring electricians will look at completing electrician’s courses in maintenance only; this would give the trainee skills to repair and maintain tools or equipment.

These electricians’ jobs would normally be at a fixed location rather than at random locations as with the electrical installation work.

One of the best ways to find more information on all types of electrician’s courses is to contact your local Learning and Skills Council. Learn Direct which is government run can be found on 0800 100 900; this is the number for careers information.

Another thing to consider is to look at the Joint Industry Board training schemes. In the old days many people worked through their electrician’s courses by completing one of these trusted apprenticeship schemes, although now difficult to get placements.

Some are approved today through government sponsorship, and especially for electrical training for adults. The Electrical Contractors Association also provides electrician’s courses and they will provide you with a training pack on request.

A major trainer for electricians in England and Wales is JT Limited. This department is jointly managed by the Electrical Contractors Association and Amicus.

It is possible to become a fully fledged electrician by completing the relevant electrician’s course in around 2 years, but this would have to include both practical electricians training and theory.

Electrical Contractors’ Association, Business Development Training Office, 1 Peel Court, St Cuthbert’s Way, Darlington DL1 1GB. Tel 01325 487829


Joint Industry Board (JIB) for the Electrical Contracting Industry, Kingswood House, 47/51 Sidcup Hill, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6HP; Tel 020 8302 0031


JT Limited, Head Office, Stafford House, 120-122 High Street, Orpington, Kent BR6 0JS; tel 01689 884100 or 0800 0852308.


National Electrotechnical Training (NET) National Training Organisation, England: 34 Palace Court, London W2 4HY; Tel 020 7313 4846 or


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