Electrician Courses

Typical Electricians Courses Available

Domestic Electrical Installation Work

Time Taken 17 Days

A full seventeen days which will include your training to become a domestic electrician installer. This will involve the working practical installations with City & Guilds 2392 testing. This comes with Part P compliance and the latest seventeenth edition wiring regulations.

distance learning coursesDomestic Electrical Installation Work

Time Taken 25 Days

This electrician’s course goes into the commercial and industrial fields.

Domestic Electrical Installation Work

Time Taken 30 Days

This course is with the additional benefits of understanding and complying with the City & Guilds 2391 inspection of electrical installations and testing with suitable qualifications on completion.

Domestic Electrical Installation Work

Time Taken 40 Days

This electricians course is supplied with the addition of the a precise ten days contractors module learning course. This will help to increase some practical and useful business skills in today’s market place.

Domestic Electrical Installation Work

Time Taken 50 Days

This course includes the City & Guilds Photovoltaic course which represents a further two days of tutored help.

Electrical Installations Course Part P Certificate

5 days training

This is for people who wish to work in domestic type property. This explains the details on understanding inspection and testing and compliance with the current IEE wiring regulations.

City & Guilds 2382-10

This is the new 17th Edition wiring regulations for buildings.

Duration – 3 days.

Getting qualified to the latest IEE wiring regulations where this will provide a City & Guilds 2382 training programme and certificate.


There are large numbers of electrical courses available, but it is important to make sure that the qualifications fit your needs. The City & Guilds of London are probably now one of the very best courses to attend. Do your homework before you book.

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