Defensive Driving Courses

There are a number of highly recognised and reputable defensive driving courses available throughout the United Kingdom today. The main goal is to find a course that will provide a platform for further training to secure a driving career at some later time.

Of course, some people will wish to attend a defensive driving course simply for their own personal satisfaction.One of the better driving training schemes is where you attend the defensive driving course and work in groups of around twenty five people.

Typically, the course would take about a day to complete and would be a very practical hands on approach type training method.There would be a theory module to begin with which might consist of a group gathering and group discussions would involve the current problems that the modern driver encounters on the roads today.

defensive driving course
Your defensive driving course theory module would take a look at the most common problems and how most accidents are caused with emphasis on the pre-accident situations, and different scenarios to avoid them.

The group will took at actual accident from known causes and deliberate how these could be avoided and what might have been the correct course of action for the drivers in these situations.

Your defensive driving course theory would include and involve the introduction to the police driving system and training procedures, where they take the advanced driving methods to the next level.

This is more about understanding road craft and often refers to the police driving manual as the “bible” to advanced driving. Your defensive driving course practical starts with a vehicle check and an eyesight test, and then a short driving check where the instructor might take notes on your current driving standard or ability.

Your driving instructor will then show you by means of demonstration and commentary how advanced and defensive driving is learned. The emphasis on advanced planning by using a systematic method for full control at all times.

You will then be prompted to take the wheel and be coached using the same methods. Depending on the defensive driving course attended, typically the delegate would receive one to one coaching with the practical part of the defensive driving course.

The candidate would usually receive a certificate to confirm that they worked through the defensive driving course and pointers may be noted on how they might benefit from further tuition if necessary. Altogether though, a defensive driving course is worthwhile.
It may lower insurance premiums or it might lead to a career within the driving based services community.

Take a look at the many defensive driving courses available.

Defensive Driving Courses

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