Courses in Plumbing

Courses in Plumbing

Courses in plumbing as we speak are becoming more varied as time goes no. There is no doubt about the significance in changed water byelaws and regulations that ultimately affect the way that new plumbers coming into the trade need to adapt.

It is now clear that the burden of responsibility is with the plumber himself to learn everything he can when attending a new training course or thinking about a new plumbing apprenticeship.

As there are so many brand new courses in plumbing it is very difficult for the new trainee to decide which one to choose. When we look at the myriad of plumbing training schools we can see that there are far too many to make an easy decision.

Some training schools seem to emphasise the practical work and others tend to look more towards the written and academic skills and qualifications, but the reality is that you need a well-rounded combination of the two.

It is often said that the old system of learning by working within an employed role is perfect for all future plumbers within the industry, but of course, this luxury has now pretty much been stopped for many reasons which includes the obvious financial ones.

courses in plumbingThe better courses in plumbing tend to have apprentice trained plumbers, often the old school type plumbers working within their semi-retired roles within colleges and plumbing training schools.

If we study the plumbing courses being offered; the best way is to search on the internet, we can often find course tutors that have worked as plumbers and some are time served within an employed role within a specialised plumbing company.

At, we would suggest that finding one of these training schools or colleges is the first step towards a rewarding future as a plumber. In an ideal world we would all like to apply for a placement within a working plumbing company and receive the opportunity of a lifetime, but this very rarely happens. In our experience, some people do manage to get taken on as a full time apprentice, but this is usually where a relative or friend of the plumbing company bosses is approached internally.

Again, this all depends on the current climate in terms of work available and the financial status of the company.
Your first step then in deciding which courses in plumbing you shortlist, is sure to ask who will be teaching you.

What are their credentials?

What is the structure of learning?

Will you be learning all the relevant water byelaws?

Is the final qualification worth anything?

If you are unsure of this then telephone a few plumbing companies and ask them whether they recognise any skills you may gain.

Finally, you need to compare all courses like for like; look at all the benefits of each one and compare prices and plump for the one that you feel is the best value for money.

Your hard earned money should be spent wisely, and it is an unfortunate fact of life that even some plumbing training schools will be quite happy to take your money and not give you good value in return.

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