Courses and Training

Courses and Training

Thank you for visiting our new courses and training web site. We have been involved with the plumbing trade for many years but are now happy to provide information on all types of educational courses and training.

If you take a look at the site you will find many ideas for people who wish to get involved in one course or another.

There are articles for new school leavers or adult training whether it is in the form of an online course or work placement type training. There is information on degree courses, as well as college placement courses as well.

Once you have chosen a course or a training programme you should choose a method of payment. Make sure you consider your travel and accommodation if you need to book a course at a far distance away.

One of the many benefits of some of the courses you might find within this site is the modular formats that are available, making it easier and a much more effective method to learn.

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These offer the advantage of not having to follow a rigid and fixed format and timetable, you simply learn or train at your own pace. With the modular method you complete each one at your own pace and only when you have completed that section of the course do you need to progress to the next level.

With some of the courses you will be completing a number of assessments which you will forward to your tutor for marking or grading. These will be discussed and feedback will be given.

You may have to submit your work modules online or by post, but always you will be given constructive answers to any questions and amendments that you might need to make.

Some assessments are on module completion are in the form of practical work or a written exam depending on the training course you take.

The length of training is dependent on your chosen course but all have a minimum recommended study period and an optimum time for your to take any final exams or assessments for your own benefit. The qualifications received are in line with your chosen field and these may be a in the form of a recognised certificate or diploma.

With the correct training and experience you will benefit from training and it is important to make sure that all your criteria are met and that you research your chosen subject fully. Take a look at this courses and training site; we hope you find something of value.

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