Become a Plumber

Become a Plumber

What do you really need to know to become a plumber?

The Complete Plumber’s Handbook

apprentice plumber
Written by a Plumber for success in the plumbing business!

How would you like to become a trainee plumber and learn how to make a living from doing easy small plumbing jobs?

The Plumber’s Handbook explains how one man started a successful business as a plumber and earned over one million pounds by “only” carrying out easy DIY type plumbing jobs.
Here’s what this plumber has to say!

In the United Kingdom today there are thousands of vacancies for fully qualified plumbers and it is unlikely that those vacancies will be filled by fully qualified plumbers in the near future.

Many people wishing to find a training course such as City & Guilds plumbing courses or other NVQ plumbing training will find that these opportunities are far from easy to access because of the high costs involved.

The old apprenticeship system is almost impossible to access now, so only a few lucky people will be able to train to become a plumber in this way.

There are real alternatives for people wishing to get “on the ladder” to working in a plumbing job. Of course in an ideal world everybody should have an opportunity to gain qualifications to achieve their goals.

Many school leavers especially will never be able to gain access to training in this industry and they will certainly be very surprised at the high cost of self training or working towards a plumbing qualification in any form.

I receive hundreds of letters and telephone calls every year from school leavers in my own area alone asking the question, “Are you taking on any trainees, or apprentices this year”? They tell me that it seems impossible to get started to become a plumber in this way.

That is why I decided to write the Plumber’s Handbook. I have now finally created and information guide that might help a few people to get started.

The Plumber’s Handbook shows how I started a fabulous high income do-it-yourself plumbing business from scratch. I explain how anybody with average ability can learn plumbing whilst earning money at the same time. I know how this works, because it is exactly what I did…and still doing 27 years later.

I know there has been nothing written like this before because I looked for something when I first started myself. Yes, there are lots of books on plumbing, but there is nothing that explains how to get the little jobs and price jobs those little jobs to earn a realistic weekly wage.

I can honestly say that I have never found one book written by a plumber for the plumber wishing to work for themselves. The questions I needed answering were:

How do I get my own work?

Do I need to advertise?

How much can I charge?

Where is the best place to buy plumbing items?

The Plumber’s Handbook shows you how you can also become a plumber, without the long winded and very expensive traditional route. I explain how incredible success can be achieved without the need for an NVQ or a City and Guilds in plumbing qualification at the beginning.

I have worked as a plumber for over 27 years and started from scratch with no previous plumbing experience whatsoever. This has been achieved by working to a system that would enable me to learn and earn at the same time.

I’m sure there will be many of you reading this that will find this difficult to take in, but I’m serious about these possibilities for everyone. I cannot stress enough that there is a real opportunity for sensible and open minded individuals.

I have created a perfect self help guide that explains “exactly” how I run my business from week to week, and I explain in simple terms what I did to earn over one million pounds.

Many people in my own area are amazed at how simple this way of working is. One of my competitors who now currently earns more than I do said to me “I owe everything to you, you opened my eyes to what I’d been doing wrong”.

This plumber who was already Institute of Plumbing Registered, fully gas trained and belonging to Corgi quite simply admitted that he had been working all wrong.

Whilst I urge everyone to taking a step towards a recognised plumbing qualification, I have to say it, you can still start off by learning about an alternative.

Here’s what the Plumber’s Handbook will show you!
…you will have a full business plan to follow…
…I explain the working model for easy set-up…
…you could earn thousands of pounds per month- up to £800 per day…
…learn how to get people to really want to pay you money – and lots of it…
…I explain why you do not need a plumbing NVQ…
…why you can start without attending expensive plumbing training…

I lay it out clearly and show you exactly how to set up quickly and start with no experience from scratch…
Now, it is obvious that most of you can’t suddenly give up your job and start doing this straight away, and I strongly advise that you don’t. But you can start slowly in your spare time.

This business is perfect for earning “extra cash” and you can learn the whole process in just a couple of weeks. I did take the gamble…I packed in a steady job and started from scratch within one week, but I’d suggest working slowly to see whether you like the work first.

Do not be fooled by the low cost of this business plan. This really could the start you need to become a plumber.

How To Make Money From Your Very Own DIY Plumbing Business – Without a Plumbing Training Course, Plumbing NVQ or a City & Guilds Plumbing Qualification.

The Complete Self Employed Plumber’s Handbook
I have sold hundreds of these already, and received so many lovely comments from buyers that I could fill a book itself.

This saves you money and you are able to receive the item quickly.

Here are a few comments already received about this guide!

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