Apprentice Plumber

Apprentice Plumber

Advertising Secrets
Beating Your Competition
How I earned £76,000 a Year in 1992
Business Add-On
Killer Copy
It’s All in The Headline

And much more!

…this Brand New Plumbing DVD Course will help thousands of people get in on the action quickly by copying a working plan…

Here’s what’s already been said about this DVD…
“…it’s Amazing…Shocking…Brilliant…Simple…Fun…”

apprentice plumber

…this guy explains the business in simple terms…nothing else even come close to this…”

“…at last a system that shows “how” to make the cash…and not just how to plumb…”

“…wow, at last something that looks like it might actually make money…”

I have created videos that explain “exactly” how you can run my business from week to week, and I explain in simple terms what you would need to do to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The strength of this opportunity is clear…the evidence is clear…I have been making a fortune for over 27 years…and I have proven it’s power to you…

Here’s what’s inside?

How to carry out simple easy to do high profit plumbing jobs…

Real Life working, what makes your customers pick you…

Plumber’s Mentality (What stops most plumbers from earning a fortune)

“Selling a second glass” – the incredible up-sell system

How to get all the “Good Jobs” – and leave out the worst ones.

How to charge more for doing less work…and why your customers will love you even more…

How to make people ring you first

ROI (Return on investment) Why most plumbers fail in business within 18 months

“Your irresistible offer” Separate yourself from ordinary thinking

Millionaire Mentality – Advance and succeed

Would You Like To Try This For Yourself?

Look, you can jump aboard with no risk whatsoever…I’m practically showing you a way to print your own cash for the rest of your life in one of the most profitable little businesses there is…

You all know what “Some Plumbers” are making these days…and many of those would be shocked at the figures I’m producing from simple easy DIY type jobs…without formal qualifications either…

I know some of you will have many doubts and wonder whether this is for you, but let me put your mind at rest. This business is “low risk” compared to most businesses as your investment is minimal. Any able bodied person with average intelligence could learn this; it could be run successfully by men or women with a few handy type DIY skills.

If you decide to join me, I’m sure you would benefit from this unique information. It has taken me a very long time to get this information into some workable format, but I think it’s been worthwhile and I know that there is absolutely nothing remotely like this anywhere else.

So, I wish you every success in the future whether you wish to pursue this opportunity or not; I’m sure you would benefit if you wish to get ahead a little in this “booming” business…Order now…it couldn’t be simpler…


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The Apprentice Plumber

Purchase from the World’s safest paysite. Hours of priceless information now available on this superb DVD

Only £29.99

Money refunded if not absolutely delighted.

Allow 14 Days for Delivery

Apprentice Plumber

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