Accident at Work Claim

Could you make an accident at work claim?

If you have an accident at work, you might be able to make a substantial claim for compensation if negligence is proven or health and safety rules and laws have not been adhered to. This applies whether it is your employer at fault or someone else within the workplace; even another employee.

If you have an accident at work you might be able to claim industrial injuries disablement benefit
You might receive this approximately 90 days after the accident occurred. This benefit is a weekly amount and is not means tested. You can claim this regardless of your financial circumstances.

bad backIf you are unable to do your job due to an injury whether this occurred at work or not you can claim statutory sick pay from your employer. You must notify your employer immediately in writing however to avoid losing out on your claim. This is very important when you do have an accident at work.

For self employed people the rules are different. You may claim short term incapacity benefit.

Here’s a quick checklist of what to do if you have an accident at work.

Remember that some accidents at work might initially seem trivial and some people might prefer to forget about the whole thing. This might not always be a wise decision because some injuries do not fully appear until maybe years later.

You should be aware of the delayed effects of these and take this into consideration with your own injury or any accident at work you may have had.

Sometimes the delayed effect of a previous injury might prevent you from working in a satisfactory way. Take all this into consideration.

So, the first thing to do if you have an accident at work claim is to report this to someone in authority.

Make sure the accident is recorded in the accident at work book, or if you are too badly injured to do this yourself, arrange for this to be done as quickly as possible.

Try to get photographic evidence if possible, and even if your injury has been dealt with by your work medical officer always get your own doctor to check you over and register the cause with them. You might need this evidence later especially as you may ultimately be dealing with this through an company.

Plumbing insurance is essential when working in your own business.

If your doctor explains to you that you might have complications at a later date due to this injury you must protect your right to claim industrial injuries disablement by registering your injury with Department of Health and Social Security.

Always try to obtain as much evidence of the injury as you can. This might be photographic evidence and witness statements.

Remember to take all details of wittnesses in case they should leave the company.

Keep copies of times and dates and any other information that might help you in any claim that you might make in the future. This is essential in any accident at work incident.

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