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In 8 weeks you can become a qualified Plumber with your own business and potential earnings of £50k plus……

No heavy finance and no sales tactics, flexible payment plans and training: Open 7 days for Full time, Weekends or Home Study – you decide your route to becoming a QUALIFIED PLUMBER. FREE Tool Kit on selected courses.

Qualified Electricians can potentially earn up to £50k each year and more with the right qualifications in place.

Throughout this Plumbing section, we will tell you all that you need to know about becoming qualified as a Plumber and we will give guidance on the training you may also undertake to expand your skills: NVQ, Part P, Gas and Renewable Technology are a few examples.


We are 100% confident in all aspects of the Plumbing training we provide and in our ability to help you learn. We are also confident in the advice we give on this website, in our marketing material and most importantly, on the telephone when you call us.

We are aware that there are many training centres in the UK offering various course options and we would advise caution when you are ready to book a Plumbing course.

Study all course descriptions to be sure that the Plumbing training you are being sold is industry recognised, is a full qualification and is in fact a plumbing qualification and not a heating and/or ventilation plumbing course or even Home study without you realising it!

Things to check before you book:

We recommend that you confirm the Training Centres City & Guilds Registration number and also that you enquire as to the qualifications of their staff.

In order for your Plumbing training to run swiftly and smoothly, you should ensure that your chosen training centre has qualified Instructors, Assessors and Internal Verifiers.

Better still, visit the centre and view the facilities available. You should be allowed access to see the training bays, chat to instructors and additionally, any existing students.

Lastly, confirm the timing of your course. If your intended course is to be achieved in blocks then be sure that you can return at a time of your choice and that you will not be left waiting for months on end.

Plumbing Instructors

Able Skills employs 7 Plumbing instructors/assessors – full details of their background can be viewed on our meet the staff page. Individually, they have each worked within the Plumbing industry and have covered various aspects of Plumbing so they have a very good understanding of what you need to know (in addition to your training) to succeed in the industry.

The skills and knowledge of these guys has now been transferred to our training centres to deliver what we feel, are amongst the best training courses in the Country. As well as their occupational knowledge, they have also achieved teaching and assessing awards to ensure that every aspect of any qualification can be completed here at Able Skills, on time and without delay.


The two skills together ensure that the training courses we provide are to a very high standard and also ensure that everyone attending, for whichever course option, all receive the very highest standard of teaching and shared knowledge. They are also regularly available to provide you with any after course support you may need.

Plumbing Centres

Able Skills has dedicated Plumbing Training Centres for those of you looking to become qualified Plumbers or for existing Plumbers requiring updates or additions to their skill set.

We have one Centre dedicated to intensive short course Plumbing for those of you who are looking for an overview or Plumbing taster course or even those of you looking to hone your pipe skills before moving onto a gas course.

Our second centre is for level 2 plumbing training, those who are new to the industry and who are just starting on the road to gaining qualifications. Our third centre is for level 3 plumbing so is designed to provide progression for existing level 2 qualified Plumbers.

The design and layout of the Plumbing centres ensure that we have the space and facilities to provide every form of Plumbing training possible and from there you may show an interest in our Renewable Technologies Centre or even our dedicated Gas centres. Whatever your Plumbing requirements, Able Skills are entirely confident that we can cater to your needs.

The Centres are completely equipped with air conditioned classrooms and spacious, kitted-out workshops; we have a huge variety equipment, tools and materials to ensure that courses run smoothly and are not held up for any reason at all. Everything is firmly in place to help you learn Plumbing and fully achieve both the underpinning knowledge of the subjects and the practical activities.

If progression is your choice, Able Skills has to be the Plumbing training provider of choice as we are not restricted by space, staff or facilities which for us means that if the industry requires it, we can deliver it.

Training and Progression at Able Skills
Short intensive courses

If you are looking to undertake Plumbing for a personal project rather than as a career, we can provide you with a 5 day introductory Plumbing training to get you up and running, this option is also available over weekends.

If you have a more complicated Plumbing project then maybe a 5 day Advanced Plumbing course will suit better or again, available at weekends.



Progression is key for Able Skills; we are keen to take candidates as far as is possible in their career as Plumbers, providing support and guidance along the way.

We are approved by City & Guilds so we can offer City & Guilds 6189 level 2 Technical Certificate which is also available using Weekend Training. Once the C&G 6189 has been achieved, we can also assess you at your place of work if required.

If you are unable to commit to any kind of rigid or structured training pro
gramme, the option of C&G 6129 Home Study is also available.

Supporting Plumbing Qualifications

There are varying aspects of work that being a qualified Plumber can enable you to do so we have organised a series of training packages to take your skills further and give you the opportunity to extend your services to your customers. If you are keen to diversify a little why not consider a career as a Gas Installer or a Renewable Technology Engineer.

Able Skills has dedicated training centres in both of these areas and the variety of options available is phenomenal. These training packages are available for those of you who are looking to cover areas of gas work, areas of Domestic Electrics for the purposes of Part P and also a package which will lead you into the ever popular Renewable Technology industry.

As you can see, there are a variety of training options at Able Skills but please visit Available Plumbing Courses for an at a glance view of the options available to you. Years of experience in delivering Plumbing training has allowed us to listen and learn and establish the needs of Plumbers everywhere, whatever your Plumbing skill level, we are sure that there is a course here for you.

We are approved to deliver City & Guilds, CITB and BPEC accredited courses and qualifications as well as assess for the purpose of NVQs so if you are looking to become qualified within the Plumbing industry in one form or another, Able Skills can take you all of the way.

From beginners to time served Plumbers everywhere, we can teach you, progress you and even bring up to date those of you who are already qualified and who have been working within this industry forever. With plumbing and plumbing related regulations ever changing, the need to update is continuous!


We are open 7 days every week and can accommodate people wanting to learn Plumbing using weekend training. Whether you are considering a short course to gain an insight into the industry or want to gain qualifications at all levels, weekend training is available.

We welcome visitors to Able Skills; you do not need to make an appointment. Come and see our facilities, chat to our instructors and existing Plumbing students, you will be pleasantly surprised by what we have available for you and we are confident that following your visit, you will choose to undertake Plumbing training at Able Skills.

Which route you choose is entirely up to you, there is so much choice. Whatever area of Plumbing training you choose to undertake, you can be guaranteed that the level of training you receive will be equal to all, regardless of whether you stay here for 2 days or 6 months or more!

If you feel that you would like to learn to be a Plumber and undertake work within the Plumbing industry then Able Skills is certainly the place to train!

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