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Welcome to Able Skills 5 day Intensive Plastering Courses

If you need to learn to plaster, Able Skills can provide you with a comprehensive 5 day introduction to plastering which will ensure that you finish your training with the confidence to tackle your required plastering jobs.

Our 5 day Intensive Plastering Course will provide you with a great insight and understanding of plastering whether you are a total beginner or have some previous plastering experience.


Able Skills Plastering Centre comes complete with 3 time served and qualified instructors, designated areas for those of you who are receiving introductory plastering training, dedicated assessment areas for qualification students, designated dry lining department and every plastering tool you could ever need.

If you set out with the intention of attending purely for the purposes of DIY then you will not be disappointed; this plastering course will meet your expectations and you will be ready to give that plastering project a go.

At the same time, if you have a desire to move onto a plastering qualification, then this will also act as your underpinning knowledge to move forward when you are ready.

The principles of plastering will be taught in a hands on fashion and the areas we cover are also units within Nationally recognised City & Guilds awards and CAA Construction Awards, so if you do decide to progress at a later date, this short plastering course will stand you in good stead and could act as historical evidence and/or job knowledge.

We are not claiming to make you a qualified Plasterer in 5 days but we do promise to provide you with dedicated plastering training and an excellent opportunity to progress further if you want.

Our 5 day plastering courses will act as a great basis for work within the plastering industry but we do recommend that you consider additional training if you want to sustain a long term career as a Plasterer.

We try to make all training as accessible as possible to everyone so if you have weekly commitments but would still like to learn to plaster, we offer plastering training over 2 consecutive weekends.

After having spent a week with us plastering on an intensive course you may decide to upgrade to a City & Guilds or NVQ option, this is a 5 or 7 week training option and will provide you with recognised plastering qualifications.

If you decide to upgrade, we will adjust your training time and fees to accommodate for the 5 day plastering course completed. Whether you do decide to upgrade or not, the week spent with us will not have been wasted as you will have gained a great deal of practical knowledge.

Additionally, if you would like to learn that little bit more about plastering, but do not want to commit to a qualification, we offer a 5 day Advanced Plastering Course, this is also available over weekends.

To book a course, please call us on 01322 280202 | For more information please Email us.
Courses are held:
Monday to Friday OR Saturday and Sunday
All Course Times are: 08.30am-16.30pm.
Able Skills has their own accommodation available at £20 per night for those of you who are travelling longer distances to train with us.

Able Skills Intensive 5 day Plastering Course
During our 5 day plastering course we will cover every aspect of Plastering that we can and feel confident that after spending that short time with us, you will be ready to tackle everyday plastering requirements.

Should you be looking to do a DIY project or for a change in career, we feel confident that any of the plastering courses we offer will suit your needs.

During this 5 day Intensive Plastering Course you will learn:

1. Health & Safety and PPE
2. To cut and fix plaster board to walls and ceilings.
3. To tape standard and internal joints.
4. To cut and fix angle beads around windows and reveals.
5. To prepare surfaces before plastering using bonding plaster and finishing plaster, ensuring a flat finished surface ready for decorating.
6. To mix plastering materials.
7. To skim walls.
8. To skim ceilings.
9. To apply PVA adhesive Unibond to existing surfaces.
At the start of this plastering course, you will be presented with a folder containing a day by day schedule of the different stages you will be covering throughout the period of your plastering training.

In addition, you will also be provided with various different plastering notes as well as useful and relevant paper work for when you undertake plastering tasks at home or at work.

Course Schedule

Day 1:
• Health & Safety induction
• Explanation of tools and materials
• Cut & attach plasterboard to ceiling and side walls
• Tape all ceiling joints
• Skim ceiling
Day 2:
• Tape all wall joints
• Cut and set skim beads
• Skim to side panels of pier
• Bond the entire pier

Day 3:
• Skim the entire pier
• Board and skim back wall

Day 4:
• PVA and re-skim ceiling

• Apply a scratch coat of render
• Apply a top coat of render

Day 5:
• PVA and re-skim back wall
• Rub up render to a plain face finish

Explanation of:
• Dot and Dab
• Patch repairs
• Skimming over artex ceilings
• Coving
• Beading
• Screeding

During this plastering 5 day course, all tools and materials are supplied for your use. We will also explain and demonstrate all the different materials used for different surfaces.

This is a hands-on, practical plastering course and you will be involved at every stage and will be participating throughout. It is therefore recommended you bring suitable clothing and for your own safety, steel capped footwear is essential.

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