Ableskills Electricians Courses

Ableskills Electrical Courses

Qualified Electricians can potentially earn up to £50k each year and more with the right qualifications in place.

Structured but flexible training programmes can see you change direction and move into a career as a qualified Electrician with every feasible recognised Electrical qualification available at Able Skills.
We also cater for existing Electricians requiring additional qualifications.

Open 7 days to provide full time or part time weekend training, pay as you train, no interest charged, very competitive rates and discounted packages available.


Years of taking regular enquiries has shown that the electrical industry can be a mine field and there can be some confusion over what is required and when, and what options are available if you want to learn to be an Electrician.

Will the course make me a qualified electrician? Will I be able to undertake work anywhere? Can I do commercial? What is Part P?……… and the list goes on.

At Able Skills we are all about giving people direction and being honest. We are keen to provide a service which explains everything you need to know to reach the place where you want to be within the Electrical Industry.

We will give guidance on Part P/Domestic Installer training options but we will never sell these training options as courses which will make you a qualified Electrician.

We will however tell you all that you need to know about becoming qualified as an Electrician and we will give guidance on the course requirements for that particular route. We are 100% confident in all aspects of the electrical training we provide and in our ability to help you learn.

We are also confident in the advice we give on this website, in our marketing material and most importantly, on the telephone when you call us.

We are aware that there are many training centres in the UK offering various electrical course options and we would advise caution when you are ready to book an electrical course.

Study all course descriptions to ensure that you are aware of the difference between training as an Electrician and training as a Domestic Installer!!!!

Things to check before you book:

We recommend that you confirm the Training Centres City & Guilds Registration number and also that you enquire as to the qualifications of their staff.

In order for your electrical courses to run swiftly and smoothly, you should ensure that your chosen training centre has qualified Instructors, Assessors and Internal Verifiers.

Better still, visit the centre and view the facilities available. You should be allowed access to see the training bays, chat to instructors and additionally, any existing students.

Lastly, confirm the timing of your course. If your intended course is to be achieved in blocks then be sure that you can return at a time of your choice and that you will not be left waiting for months on end.

Electrical Instructors
Able Skills employs 7 Electrical instructors/assessors as well as a full time technician – full details of their background can be viewed on our meet the staff page.

Individually, they have each worked within the Electrical industry and have covered both Domestic and Commercial Electrics so they have a very good understanding of what you need to know (in addition to your training) to succeed in the industry.

The skills and knowledge of these guys has now been transferred to our training centres to deliver what we feel, is amongst the best training courses in the Country.

As well as their occupational knowledge, they have also achieved teaching and assessing awards to ensure that every aspect of any qualification can be completed here at Able Skills, on time and without delay.

The two skills together ensure that the training courses we provide are to a very high standard and also ensure that everyone attending, for whichever course option, all receive the very highest standard of teaching and shared knowledge. They are also regularly available to provide you with any after course support you may need.

Two Electrical Centres

Able Skills has a dedicated Training Centre for those of you looking to become qualified Electricians or for existing Electricians requiring updates, in addition we also have a Training Centre dedicated to the requirements of Part P (Domestic Installation).

The 2 Centres ensure that we have the space and facilities to provide every form of Electrical training possible; whatever your Electrical requirements, we are entirely confident that we can cater for your needs.

Whether you are completely new to the Electrical industry or have the skills but are unqualified, we have Electrical and Part P courses to suit you.

We ensure that every aspect of the Electrical Installation industry is covered – Domestic (Part P), Commercial and Industrial as well as being able to profile you for NVQ suitability and then support you through the NVQ route with work place assessments.

The Centres are completely equipped with air conditioned classrooms and spacious, kitted-out workshops; we have a huge variety of test equipment, tools and materials to ensure that courses run smoothly and are not held up for any reason at all.

Everything is firmly in place to help you learn electrics and fully achieve both the underpinning knowledge of the subjects and the practical activities.

If progression is your choice, Able Skills has to be the Electrical training provider of choice as we are not restricted by space, staff or facilities which for us means that if the industry requires it, we can deliver it.


Progression is key for Able Skills; we are keen to take candidates as far as is possible in their career as Electricians or Domestic Installers, providing support and guidance along the way. We are approved to deliver City & Guilds, EAL and NICEIC qualifications as well as assess for the purpose of NVQs so if you are looking to become qualified within the Electrical industry in one form or another, Able Skills can take you all of the way.

From beginners to time served Electricians everywhere, we can teach you, progress you and even bring up to date those of you who are already qualified and who have been working within this industry forever. With Electrical regulations ever changing, the changes and updates are continuous!
Important Facts to consider when deciding your future in the Electrical Industry

Domestic Installer

A Domestic Installer is someone who is looking to carry out electrical installations within the home, for example, installation and replacement of electrical components, Installing and/or rerouting cables, lighting installations and so on.

• We offer a 5 day introductory to Electrics to teach or refresh you on this and more.

In order to be able to legally carry out this electrical work and self certify, it is a requirement that you register onto a ‘competent persons’ scheme, better known as Part P.

• Our 5 day EAL VRQ Part P Certification Course will bring you right up to the required safety standards and enable you to register with a relevant Governing body so that you can install your own or anyone else’s electrical work.

When you register onto a Part P scheme, the Governing body of your choice will arrange an appointment to assess your work. This can be quite a daunting experience, especially if this area of work is completely new to you.

• In order to help you get through this assessment with confidence, we also provide a 4 day C&G 2392 – Fundamental Inspection & Testing

Your Part P registration will be enhanced once you have also obtained:

• City & Guilds 2382 (17th Edition) – You have 12 months from registration/acceptance to achieve this. This will provide you with a full understanding of BS7671 – Wiring Regulations.


For those of you looking to learn to become an electrician then:

• City & Guilds 2330 level 2 is your starting point.
• With this qualification you can enter into the electrical industry to work as an Electricians mateand at the same time, look ahead to training to achieve the 2330 at level 3 and later being assessed on site to obtain NVQ level 3.
• Compliment this with City & Guilds 2382 (17th Edition) and City & Guilds 2391 (Inspection & Testing) and you are considered to be an Electrician.
• This will give you the scope to carry out work within the commercial and industrial sector but not domestic, for this you will need a relevant qualification to register onto a Part P scheme.

With the training and skills obtained, backed up by an electrical qualification and certificates, you should then have all the confidence and ability to move forward into the workplace where your skills and knowledge will grow until you are ready to tackle the process and onsite assessments required to obtain NVQ level 3.

So, now you have the facts, do you want to learn to be an Electrical or a Domestic Installer? The choice is yours

Photovoltaic Courses

Able Skills also delivers 3 versions of Solar Photovoltaic training: City & Guilds 2372, Bpec PV and NICIC PV


We are open 7 days every week and can accommodate people wanting to learn to be Electricians or Domestic Installers using weekend training. Whether you are considering a short course to gain an insight into the industry or want to gain qualifications at all levels, weekend training is available.

We welcome visitors to Able Skills; you do not need to make an appointment. Come and see our facilities, chat to our instructors and existing Electrical students, you will be pleasantly surprised by what we have available for you and we are confident that following your visit, you will choose to undertake Electrical training at Able Skills.

Which route you choose is entirely up to you, there is so much choice. Whatever area of Electrical or Domestic Installation training you choose to learn, you can be guaranteed that the level of training you receive will be equal to all, regardless of whether you stay here for 2 days or 6 months or more!

If you feel that you would like to learn to be an Electrician or a Domestic Installer and undertake work within either of these industries then Able Skills is certainly the place to train!If you need to learn to plaster, Able Skills can provide you with a comprehensive 5 day introduction to plastering which will ensure that you finish your training with the confidence to tackle your required plastering jobs.

Our 5 day Intensive Plastering Course will provide you with a great insight and understanding of plastering whether you are a total beginner or have some previous plastering experience.

Able Skills Plastering Centre comes complete with 3 time served and qualified instructors, designated areas for those of you who are receiving introductory plastering training, dedicated assessment areas for qualification students, designated dry lining department and every plastering tool you could ever need.

If you set out with the intention of attending purely for the purposes of DIY then you will not be disappointed; this plastering course will meet your expectations and you will be ready to give that plastering project a go.

At the same time, if you have a desire to move onto a plastering qualification, then this will also act as your underpinning knowledge to move forward when you are ready.

The principles of plastering will be taught in a hands on fashion and the areas we cover are also units within Nationally recognised City & Guilds awards and CAA Construction Awards, so if you do decide to progress at a later date, this short plastering course will stand you in good stead and could act as historical evidence and/or job knowledge.

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