Ableskills Carpentry Courses

Able Skills Carpentry courses have been designed with everyone in mind! Our Carpentry centre has the scope to provide any aspect of Carpentry and Joinery training.

We provide training for DIY purposes as well as for those of you looking to gain qualifications and NVQs to change career. Whichever option you choose, we are confident that this will be done to a very high standard.

Open 7 days to provide full time or part time weekend Carpentry training, anything from 1 to 10 week courses starting from as little as £395 including vat. Kitchen Fitting courses are also available.


Our shorter courses are suited to those of you who have plenty of jobs that need attention around the house and the training you will gain with us will provide you with the confidence to take on these jobs yourself, saving you time and money.

So if you are looking to hang a door, fit a lock or cut and fit dado rails, architraves or skirtings, this course will meet your needs. We will teach you how to make the hardest jobs appear simple.

Our longer programmes can progress you to such standards that you will be industry ready, NVQ registered and in a position to take on even the largest of jobs.

Our qualification courses and our own specialist courses cover everything from skirting, dado and picture rails to roofs, suspended timber floors, windows, stairs and stud work to name but a few.

Carpentry Centre.
Able Skills has a dedicated Carpentry Training Centre which ensures that we have the space and facilities to provide every form of carpentry training possible; whatever your Carpentry requirements, we are entirely confident that we can cater for your needs.

Whether you are a complete novice or have already tried your hand at Carpentry, we have courses to suit you. We ensure that all of the stages of Carpentry are covered so that even as a complete novice, you will leave with a full understanding of all areas of Carpentry and this will be your foundation should you wish to progress within the Carpentry industry.

If progression is your choice, Able Skills has the staff and facilities to offer every possible form of Carpentry, Joinery and Kitchen Fitting training.

Our Carpentry Training Centre has areas dedicated to the various areas of Carpentry, Joinery, Benchwork and Kitchen Fitting etc and we guarantee that your training time will be well spent learning exactly what you have enrolled with us to learn.

With every hand and power tool available and no shortage of materials, this Centre is capable of delivering the most comprehensive of training courses.

Carpentry Instructors

We have an excellent team of Carpentry instructors, 3 full time qualified tutors all with years spent working within the Carpentry trade but who have also individually obtained the required qualifications to allow them to teach, assess and internally verify the qualification courses.

We pride ourselves on the standard of staff we have and more so on how approachable these guys are. The atmosphere in this training centre is fantastic and all of the instructors take pleasure and pride in the training they provide, they are adamant that you will not leave this centre without fully understanding what is required to produce an acceptable standard of Carpentry.

They are also regularly available to provide you with any after course support you may need.

Training and Progression at Able Skills

Short intensive courses

If you are looking to undertake carpentry for a personal project rather than as a career, we can provide you with a 5 day introductory carpentry course to get you up and running, this option is also available over weekends, We can also offer Kitchen Fitting through the week and at weekends.

Progression is key for Able Skills; we are keen to take candidates as far as is possible in their career as Carpenters, providing support and guidance along the way.

We are approved by City & Guilds so we can offer a City & Guilds Diploma but if you would like to learn that little bit more and achieve a City & Guilds qualification but work towards achieving an NVQ, we can also accommodate you.

We are also approved by Construction Awards Alliance and have training courses in place to complete a level 2 Diploma.

Existing Carpenters

In addition, if you are already working as a Carpenter but lacking in qualifications, we have 2 NVQ assessment routes available dependent upon time served.

If you are less than 5 years in the trade, we can provide On Site assessments and if you are much more experienced, there is a fast track option available via the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment route (EWPA).

As you can see, there are a variety of training options at Able Skills but please visit Carpentry Qualifications – Options explained for an at a glance view of the options available to you.

Years of experience in delivering carpentry training has allowed us to listen and learn and establish the needs of carpenters everywhere, whatever your carpentry skill level, we are sure that there is a carpentry course here for you.

From beginners to time served carpenters everywhere, we can teach you, progress you and even qualify those of you who have been carpentry forever.


We are open 7 days every week and can accommodate people wanting to learn Carpentry at weekends including the option to obtain a qualification in Carpentry incorporating weekend training.

We welcome visitors to Able Skills; you do not need to make an appointment. Come and see our facilities, chat to our instructors and Carpentry students, you will be pleasantly surprised by what we have available for you and we are confident that following your visit, you will choose to learn Carpentry at Able Skills.

Which level you choose is entirely up to you, there is so much choice. Whatever level of Carpentry you choose to learn, you can be guaranteed that the level of training you receive will be equal to all, regardless of whether you stay here for 2 days or much longer.

If you feel that you would like to learn Carpentry and undertake any Carpentry jobs yourself then Able Skills is certainly the place to train!

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